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Celebrity Vaping

Posted on March 30 2018

As we continually try to point out here on these blog pages, vaping is less harmful than smoking. By inhaling the toxic smoke caused by the combustion of tobacco, you are inhaling some 5000 chemicals, many of which have been proven to cause cancer.

Vapers inhale vapour not smoke and these contain just five ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin, water, nicotine and flavourings, none of which have been shown to cause cancer (despite the common misconception nicotine doesn’t give you cancer, although it is the addictive substance that gets people hooked on cigarettes).  

As more and more ex-smokers switch to vaping it’s perhaps no surprise that we are seeing more and more famous faces happily vaping away. So we thought we’d compile a little list of a few celebrity vapers out there. Enjoy.

Top Celebrity Vapors

Leonardo DiCaprio

A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio has been known as a vaping enthusiast since it became widely available in the market. From award ceremonies to restaurant dinners, Leonardo has been snapped by the press vaping on many occasion, having evolved from using an e-cigarette to a more advanced vaping tank in recent years.

Bruno Mars

Almost five years ago, Bruno Mars announced on Twitter that he had decided to switch to smoking electronic cigarettes. However, he has since been snapped a few times smoking a cigarette, so we’re not actually sure if he has made a full and committed transition to vaping. Maybe he hasn’t fully quit yet, but we’re hoping that e-cigarettes have at least helped him lessen his nicotine intake.

Charlie Sheen

The Two and A Half Men star has been known to party hard with tales of excessive drinking and drug taking having come to dominate headlines about him. However, Sheen has clearly turned over a new leaf and has transitioned to vaping. So enthused has he been by this new healthier lifestyle choice, he has even gone on to invest and partner in an e-cigarette and vaping company called, ‘NicoSheen’.

Katherine Heigl

American actress and film producer, Katherine Heigl is one of the first celebrities to embrace and advocate vaping as an alternative to smoking. Her vaping on David Letterman’s show, during the early years of the vaping industry boom, became a strong statement to American audiences about its benefits.

Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry has a string of hits under her belt and has been seen publicly vaping on numerous shoots and events. She was even noticed sharing a vape pen with Orlando Bloom in the Golden Globes two years ago.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is out in the public for his love for tobacco. He even exaggerated that he smokes a thousand cigarettes a day in his interview with Interview magazine almost four years ago (although I’m taking that claim with a rather large pinch of salt). However, the Pirates of the Caribbean star has been lately seen with a vape tank rather than a cigarette on hand. Maybe he’s finally realised that smoking cigarettes just isn’t very rock and roll these days.

Simon Cowell

Famous for his brutally honest remarks in the X Factor, Simon Cowell is another celebrity who admits to being a heavy smoker. That is until two years ago when he publicly declared that he was fully transitioning to vaping and quitting the cigs. However, latest reports suggest that he hasn’t been able to quit completely; a reminder of just how addictive cigarettes can be. I hope he can stick to it though because even if he does fall off the wagon now and again, vaping has seriously reduced his cigarette consumption.

Cara Delevingne

Elite model and actress Cara Delevingne is very public about her battle with smoking. Yet she has been spotted exhaling vape rings and sharing a vape pen a few years ago with ex-girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez. Let’s hope she’s put her smoking in the past and sticks to the vape.

Zac Efron

The characters that Zac Efron played at the box-office movies Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa are both heavy vapers. In these movies, he used a mod pen for his vaping habit. Recently, Zac has also been snapped leisurely vaping inside a car by paparazzi.

Kylie Jenner

Snapchat queen, Kylie Jenner uploaded a video of herself vaping that included her puffing from a vape mod pen and exhaling a few continuous smoke rings. She certainly looked like a pro vaper but unfortunately decided to delete the video as it caused controversy. This only shows how far vaping still has to go to be seen as a genuinely safe and sensible alternative to deadly cigarettes.

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