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Make it, Mix it, Vape it

Posted on February 13 2018

Introducing the Remix Juice Station. Our brand new in-store feature that is going to revolutionise the way you vape.

Remix Juice Station

By now, you’re all aware of the Tobacco Products Directive and the effect it’s had on the way you buy and use your vape products, specifically e-liquids.

As of the 1st January 2017, nicotine was restricted by law to being sold in products of 10 ml, meaning that when you wanted to buy your e-liquid it was 10 times the cost and 10 times the chore. And ain’t nobody got time to cart around 10 bottles of e-liquid every day just to get a satisfying vape.

But all that is changing. Whilst the TPD is still in effect, our new Remix Station will make your life 10 times easier, by allowing you to take home a large bottle of your favourite flavour e-liquids.

But how does that work?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Essentially, the Remix Station is made up of a selection of the best selling, and tasting, e-liquids on the market. Whether it’s the delicious 'Tarte Au Citron' from The French Bakery or ‘Blueberry Cinnamon Roll’ by Los Angeles residents Bakers Dozen, you can mix, match, switch and taste your e-liquid flavours, creating your own flavour profile or getting a dose of your old favourites.

And here comes the clever part. These e-liquids are all sold without nicotine, meaning they’re legally authorised to be sold in the large bottles.

Don’t worry, you can still get your nicotine fix. We’ll be selling nicotine boosters on the side, with differing nicotine contents from 0 to 6 mg/ml. This gives you the added bonus of being able to control your own nicotine levels. For those who want to quit smoking, this means that you can gradually reduce your nicotine intake over time, by incrementally decreasing the levels in your e-liquid. At your own pace, by your own rules.

The only thing that we ask is that you add in the nicotine on your own time and not in the store, as that’s crossing the TPD boundaries.

The Remix Station allows you to vape more economically and more freely, buying your favourite flavours in their original sizing and stopping you from clinking everytime you walk.

If you’ve read this and are somewhat puzzled about what e-liquids are, check out our Vaping 101 Guide to E-Liquids.

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