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Who Are Bo Vaping?

Posted on November 30 2017

Every other month it seems that some new product or company is hailed as the next generation of vaping, in that regard, Bo Vaping is no different. However, what sets them apart from the crowd is that, with Bo Vaping, this claim might be true.

Although the design of the closed vaping device is nothing revolutionary, and the BO vaping kit works similarly to other pod systems like the My Von Erl or Juul, the way they’ve put it all together is nothing sort of genius. The Bo Vaping products simply surpass any other closed device vape on the market right now and can go toe to toe with any high-end mod on flavour and design.

But who are Bo Vaping?

Bo Vaping, An Introduction

Bo Vaping

Bo Vaping is French vaping company J WELL’s entry into the growing pod mod market. Bringing French elegance and superb flavour together to create a sleek pod mod with a high-intensity vape, Bo Vaping has created a starter kit that’s a hit with both beginners and veteran users.

The Bo Vape range is manufactured with premium materials, flawless design and an emphasis on functionality. This vape is designed to fit seamlessly into your daily life, with a number of core features that ensure whether you’re at your desk, or on the move, your Bo Vape will quickly become your favourite companion.

What Are Bo Vaping Products?

The Starter Kits

BO One Starter Kit

The BO One Kit comes packaged in an attractive presentation box, with the BO One device, a unique magnetic micro USB charger and a user manual. In a separate box, two BO Caps are included.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the BO One e-cig starter kit features a smooth ceramic coating and weighs just 22g. It takes its own branded disposable caps, which are much like regular pod mod liquid pods and each cap holds 1.5ml of e-liquid. At the bottom of the BO One, you’ll see the magnetic contact points for the charger. 

It has a powerful 380mAh battery which is highly efficient and when fully charged, should last the average vaper the whole day.


  • Unique disposable liquid pod mod system
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Magnetic USB charger
  • 380 mAh battery
  • 1.5ml pod capacity
  • 2 x Bo Caps
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 15mm x 8mm

Bo Contents:

  • 1 Bo One Kit
  • 2 Bo Caps (Arctical Menthol 8mg x1 and Tobacco 16mg x1)
  • 1 USB charging port
  • 1 Instruction manual

The BO+ Starter Kit

The BO+ keeps the same straightforward pod system of the BO One but comes with additional battery power, doubling the amount of time you can use your vape from a single charge. And now, your BO will charge quicker than ever, with a game-changing USB-C connection capable of charging your device in 15 minutes.

The contrasting gloss vaporiser finish and matte battery add a new level of simplistic design chic, and a high-quality leather cover included in the box gives the BO Plus extra durability with a luxe twist.

BO+ Features:

  • Unique disposable liquid pod mod system
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed
  • Fast USB-C Charging
  • 800 mAh battery
  • 1.5ml pod capacity
  • Dimensions 95 x 24 x 12mm
  • Improved airflow 

BO+ Contents:

  • 1 BO+ Kit
  • 1 70cm USB charging cable
  • 1 Faux leather pouch
  • 1 Instruction manual

Premium E-Liquids

E-Liquids can be the maker of a quality vaping experience, and with J Well’s expertise, you can trust that the BO Caps, are going to offer you an experience like no other.

Diacetyl, ambrox or acetyl propionyl free, the BO Caps are made by J Well’s flavour experts using only the very best materials, so the only thing you’ll notice is the authentic flavour.

We currently offer 15 different flavours, in 2 different nicotine levels, from the BO e-liquid cap range; ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to more exotic flavours such as peach and watermelon. The BO Caps are colour coded depending on what flavour profile they fit into. Tobacco has a yellow colour coding, fruit has a purple colour coding, gourmet has a blue colour coding and mint has a green colour coding.

Pro tip, our current favourite is the Gold RX.

The BO Caps have a 1.5ml capacity and are available in the UK in 8mg and 16mg nicotine strengths at present. The 1.5ml capacity may seem small, but these caps should last you at least a day each.

Bo Vaping will be developing new flavours seasonally, so keep an eye out on our stock and pick up your new favourite as soon as they’re released.

Charging Devices

One of the many benefits of the BO Starter Kits is that each vape is compatible with a number of different charging devices. From the Bo Vaping Power Bank, which can charge your vape up to four times when out and about to the BO Cable, which you can attach to any USB port.

The Advantages of Closed System Vaping

Closed system vaping used to have a bad rap with seasoned vapers, primarily from the over-simplicity of the e-cig and the experience of a vape pen in comparison to higher performing mechs. But as recent legislation - yes the TPD, have you heard of it? - threatened to throttle the industry with harsh legal limits, closed system devices have seen a resurgence in popularity due to their compliance with the strict laws introduced in the UK and EU.

Closed system devices have broken through the limitations imposed by their simplicity, and now many, including the Bo Vaping, match the vape quality of the more complex mech mods.  

Essentially, the closed system vape is as simple as the vape market gets. You remove the rubber protection caps from the top and bottom of the BO Cap, then simply insert your chosen BO Cap into the top of the BO One, until it clicks down. As soon as the e-liquid, stored in a pre-filled cartridge, is inserted into your device, you can start using it straight away. No messing around with buttons or wattage controls necessary. The pods are disposed of as soon as they’re dry, meaning there’s none of the mess caused by re-filling, and there’s no need to carry around bottles of e-liquid.  

Whether you’re a new or experienced vaper, the ease of use and cigarette style draw is an attractive prospect for all vapers.

Why Choose Bo Vaping?

If you’re after a new sub-ohm vape, then Bo Vaping isn’t for you. But, if you want a vape device that gives you the intensity of a high powered vape, with rich flavours, no dry hits, and the simplicity of a sleek closed system vape, then welcome to your new favourite toy. 

As we’ve said before, everything about this vape is guaranteed to make vaping ten times easier. The battery life is excellent for such a small device, and the LED light on the front gives you an accurate indication of how much battery is left. Blue indicates that you have a full battery, white means you have 50-26% charge left, red means you have under 25% left.

The small, and lightweight body make it ideal for vaping on the move and for stealth vaping. But despite its size, quality has not been compromised on and the Bo One and Bo+ are both made with premium materials, including stainless steel and high-quality cotton in the wicks from Fibre Freaks.

Whilst this device is ideal for a beginner vaper looking to quit smoking, with its cigarette-like shape and ‘smoke’, satisfying mouth to lung hit and ease of use. It’s not so restrictive that experience vapers won’t appreciate the decent hit when out and about. 

In fact, out of all the closed system devices we’ve tried and used in the past, the BO One has become our favourite, and has even started to replace some of our favourite vapes when we need a vape on the go.

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