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Vaping Lithium and LiPo Batteries

Are you finding that your e-cig lithium or LiPo vape battery doesn’t hold charge for as long as it used to? Perhaps you’re just not getting the same power and level of flavour intensity as you used to from your favourite e-liquids? Chances are that you might well need a new e-cig battery.

There really is no need to compromise on your vaping experience. If you’re having to charge your e-cig battery more than once during the day, then get down to Superior Vapour for a new battery or order it through our website for a speedy delivery.

A Superior Vape Battery Selection

Vape batteries are not designed to last forever, but the good news is that LiPo and lithium batteries are very easy and inexpensive to replace. Our selection ranges between £7.99 to £12.99, depending on the power and size you need, so it certainly won’t break the bank.

At Superior Vapour, we understand the importance of a consistent quality of vape and so we will always make sure we are fully stocked up on lithium and LiPo batteries so you know you can replace your old one and get back to enjoying a powerful and flavoursome vape in no time.

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