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We are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest mechanical vape mods on the planet and make sure we are always offering our customers the finest selection of UK & US high-end mechanical mods possible.

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DS Squonk Mod by Defiant Designs

The DS Squonk mod by Defiant Designs. A dual cell parallel mechanical squonk mod constructed of A...

7999 13499

VCMurica Mod by Vaperz Cloud

The VCMurica Mod by Vaperz Cloud. A competition winning mod by Vaperz clouds, this 24mm mech are ...

8999 12499

Shintaro Guillotine Mod LE by Purge Mods

The Shintaro Guillotine Mod LE (Limited Edition) by Purge Mods. The Shintaro mod features some e...


Shintaro Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods

The Shintaro Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods. The Shintaro is a limited edition mod featuring some ...


The Reinforcer Mod by Purge Mods

The Reinforcer Mod by Purge Mods. After the success of the Legacy version, the Enforcer has made...

from 24999

The TKO Mod by Purge Mods

The TKO Mod by Purge Mods.  The TKO is a palm sized, side firing mod that is 30mm in diameter. T...


The Ragnar Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods

The Ragnar Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods. The Ragnar is a limited edition mod featuring some exqu...


B2B V5 Mod by Purge Mods

The B2B V5 Mod by Purge Mods is a 21700 side firing mod and features a fire button is made of ul...

from 18499

The Guillotine V2 Mod with Slam Cap by Purge Mods

The Guillotine V2 Mod by Purge Mods. An engineering masterpiece of simple raw power and beauty, ...


HK Mod Holographic by Comp Lyfe

The HK 24 Classic mod Holographic by Comp Lyfe is a straight forward, extremely well made mech mo...


Tiki Able Setup by Avid Lyfe

This Limited edition Tiki Able Setup from Avid Lyfe is a mechanical 18650 mod. This stunning mod ...


Hagerbomb Mod by Purge Mods

The Hagerbomb Mod by Purge Mods. A uniquely designed mod which incorporates a constant contact ...


The Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods

The Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods. An engineering masterpiece of simple raw power and beauty, thi...


MTLX 18350 Mod by Purge Mods

The MTLX 18350 by Purge Mods is uniquely designed mod and the first 18350 mod Purge mods have p...


Diplomat Mod from Avid Lyfe

Diplomat Mod by Avid Lyfe is a mechanical mod and it's a thing of beauty. This stunning mod is pr...


CONSVR Mod by League of Scoundrels

The CONSVR mod by the League of Scoundrels was crafted to provide an affordable, high quality ...

11000 17000

Saga Mod by Vaperz Cloud

The Saga 21700 series mechanical box mod by Vaperz Cloud. The Saga is the successor to the Vape...


Skull & Shield Mod Bundle by Purge Mods

Skull & Shield Mod Bundle by Purge Mods.  Take advantage of these limited stock bundles. This...


Slim Piece Mod Bundle by Purge Mods

Slim Piece Mod Bundle by Purge Mods.  Take advantage of these limited stock bundles. This fab b...


The Governor Mod by Purge Mods

The Governor Mod by Purge Mods. A high performance mechanical mod built to high standards, this ...


20700 Aluminium Twizt Mod by Purge Mods

The 20700 Aluminium Twizt mod by Purge Mods are competition winning mods and can accommodate 207...


Vindicator Ruby 21 Setup by Kennedy Vapor

The Ruby 21 Setup is a Vindicator mod and Kennedy RDA, which is all one piece by Kennedy Vapor. ...

from 23000

20700 Tye Dye Twiztid Mod by Purge Mods

Limited edition Tye Dye 20700 Twiztid Mod by Purge Mods are competition winning mods and can acc...


Limited Edition Able Mod and Cap by Avid Lyfe

The Able Mod from Avid Lyfe is a mechanical 18650 mod. This stunning mod is precision machined wi...


Swerve Mod by Purge Mods

The Swerve Mod by Purge Mods is a competition winning mod and can accommodate 21700 / 20700 / 1...


Skull & Shield 21700 mod Setup by Purge Mods

The Skull & Shield 21700 mod Setup by Purge Mods is a blast from the past. The Skull and Shi...


Slim Piece Splatter Setup by Purge Mods

The Slim Piece Splatter Setup by Purge Mods is one heavy hitting mod. Seriously! An even smaller...


Slim Piece Pharaoh by Purge Mods

The Slim Piece Pharaoh by Purge Mods is one heavy hitting mod. Seriously! An even smaller, palm ...




What are mechanical mods?

Mechanical mods are unregulated, meaning they don’t have chips or circuitry that provide safety features. Essentially, a mechanical mod consists of a metal tube with an atomizer, usually an RDA. This is connected to a battery that supplies continuous power. What’s unique about it is that it’ll keep running even when a regular mod would already be shutting down, making it possible to push vaping to its limits.

Why use mechanical mods?

The main reason why vapers use mechanical mods is because compared to other vaping devices, mechanical mods allow you to customise your experience the most. While regular mods have limited settings, you can tweak your mechanical mod to give you supercharged flavour, throat hit, and vapour.

Who should use mechanical mods?

Mechanical mods are very powerful, and they require careful setting up and handling because of the lack of safety features. We recommend only advanced vapers who already have experience with rebuildables and who know about the more technical aspects of vaping, such as Ohm’s Law and coil types, use mechanical mods. Aside from vapers who want to customise their vaping, sub-ohm vapers and cloud-chasers are also common users of mechanical mods. Because of the increased power, mechanical mods can produce more clouds than regular mods.

How to choose a mechanical mod?

One of the draws of the mechanical mod is its simplicity. When maintained well and used properly, these mods are incredibly reliable. The only circuitry is the tube, a live connection at the top end, a 510 connector, a ground switch at the bottom of the mod that completes and fires the vape when the switch is pressed. Read our full guide how to choose a mechanical mod.

How to setup a mechanical mod?

Mechanical mods offer users the opportunity to evolve their mod beyond the standard; customising the mechanics, parts, design and setup to elevate their vaping experience and create one that is unique and personal. Whether it’s making minimal changes like switching over the material used to wick, or, for the more experienced, developing the internal mechanics, a mech mod will allow you to build a device suited entirely to your own specifications. Read our full guide to setting up mechanical mods.

How to clean your mechanical mod

Mechanical mods are easily customisable, making them popular among cloud chasers and sub-ohm enthusiast. There are a lot of removable parts that you need to keep track of and make sure are functioning right. Additionally, a lot of mech mods are made from copper and brass. While these materials are highly conductive, they are also prone to oxidation and dirt. Your new device will require regular cleaning to keep it looking and working the way you want it to. Read our guide to keeping your mod clean and in full working order.

What are the best mech mods

We’ve done our research and rounded up the 3 best mechanical mods to make your purchase decision a little easier. These three are the hardest hitters, best lookers and most exciting mods on the market right now. With these repeat offenders often selling out within months, this is no time to sleep on your potential new favourite. Read the guide here.

Which e-liquids go well with mechanical mods?

With mechanical mods, you’ll get more intense flavour and hotter vapour, so milder e-liquids work best. In particular, e-liquids should have a lower nicotine strength, around 8 mg or lower. Mechanical mods also consume more e-liquid at a time, so you can opt for larger bottles.

What batteries do I need for my mechanical mod?

The batteries are an extremely important part of the setup. Choose high-quality ones with a limit of at least twenty-amps so they won’t be prone to venting. You’ll also have to choose between protected lithium-ion batteries or non-protected, depending on your preference. Protected batteries are meant to shut off if there’s possible danger, but if their circuitry fails, they may vent. On the other hand, non-protected batteries don’t have similar circuitry, but they’ll heat up at worst. 16650 and 18650 batteries are widely used in mechanical mods.

How do I charge the battery properly?

Don’t let the battery reach zero before you charge it. Monitor the battery voltage already with a multimeter when you can feel the hits getting weaker. Then charge it up right away to around 4.2 volts—avoid overcharging as much as possible.

What other safety measures should I know?

When you’re building your coils or choosing your atomizer, use an Ohm reader to make sure that the resistance complements your mod. This guards against short-circuits or battery overloading. 

Airflow should always be working well too, so check if the vent holes are letting air pass through.

How do I store my mechanical mod?

Mech mods are very durable because they’re made of a metal tube. They can even survive being dropped into water! However, they should still be carefully handled. Place your mechanical mod somewhere safe when you’re not using it. You can keep the mod locked or detach the atomizer to prevent it from firing accidentally. 

For more details, check out our guide on mechanical mods.