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High-End Mechanical Mods that are Built to Last

In the world of vape modding, the mechanical mod is the choice of the vaping purist. Containing no circuitry, no electronics, no wires and no soldering, the mechanical mod is a simple battery enhancement. This makes them suited to discerning and experienced vapers who are looking to enhance the power and flavour of their vaping experience without any complicated technological enhancements.

Because they contain no circuitry, mechanical mods may be more simple in their design than their digital counterparts, but they also require a degree of understanding about electrical wiring, voltage and Ohm’s law.

Mechanical Mod Heaven

We are proud to offer a wide selection of the best mechanical mods to our clients. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest mechanical vape mods on the planet and make sure we are always offering our customers the finest selection of high-end mechanical mods possible. We only source from the most reputable and highly regarded suppliers.

The simplistic mechanical design of these mods means less to go wrong, making them the ideal choice for individuals who live active lifestyles, work in manual environments or just want to a vape mod that can survive all the drops and bumps life throws at it.

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