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Tishina Mod by Red Alert Vapors

The Tishina Mod by Red Alert Vapors is an 18650, constant contact mod. This constant contact des...

9000 12499

Rogue Mod Custom Designs by J Mark Designs

SuperiorVapour are proud to offer the Rogue Mod. As the vape community has grown, so have frustra...

22000 35000

Rig V3 and Roughneck V3 Setup by VAMP

Rig V3 MOD by Vaping American Made Products - This Rig Mod is one of the most innovative mods to ...

17999 23000

Workman Mod and Runic RDA by Avid Lyfe

The Workman Mod from Avid Lyfe is a mechanical 18650 mod. The Workman Mod setup is precision mac...

12500 19000

Spartan Mod by Vapor Modified

The new Spartan mechanical mod is a game changer for the mech industry. This mod features a high ...

12000 25000

Vicious Ant "The Duke Stabilized Wood" Duke SX

The Duke Stabilized Wood is the hybrid stab wood version of The Duke SX, and is the first stabili...

55000 79999

Arctic Dolphin Adonis Stabilized Wood Mod

Arctic Dolphin have produced a lovely little number here with the Adonis 80w Stabilised Wood Mod....

13999 18999

YiHi SX Mini SL Class Mod

The XS Mini SL Class by Yihi is a luxurious device from there fantastic range, utilizing a singl...

10999 15999

VCMurica Mod by Vaperz Cloud

The VCMurica Mod by Vaperz Cloud. A competition winning mod by Vaperz clouds, this 24mm mech are ...

8999 12499

CONSVR Mod by League of Scoundrels

The CONSVR mod by the League of Scoundrels was crafted to provide an affordable, high quality ...

11000 17000

Minikin Kodama By Asmodus

The Minikin Kodama by Asmodus. This stabilised maple wood edition features a durable and elegant ...

12499 25000

Aspire Paradox Mod

Aspire Paradox Mod Created in direct collaboration with Italian engineering house, NoName, who ...

from 4499 6499

ShokRes Moose by MetalMoose USA

MetalMoose produce some of the most stand out, hardest hitting mech's around! The ShokRes Moose i...

18000 30000