Soda Inspired - POP e-liquids are a modern take on your classic fizzy drink favourites, just like a sweet, refreshing ice cold can!

Berry Lemonade E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Berry Lemonade by POP. Refreshing lemonade infused with perfectly ripe mixed summer berries, a tr...


Cherry Cola E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Cherry Cola by POP. Refreshing cola blended with sweet cherries, let your mind wonder and imagine...


Lemonade POP E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Lemonade POP by POP. Ice cold lemonade with a powerful citrus kick, a beautifully balanced sweet ...


Orangeade POP E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Orangeade POP by POP. Your childhood favourite ice cold can of orange fizz, you know the brand? W...