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Sub-ohm vape tanks are tanks with a coil resistance of below 1ohm. Sub-ohm tanks have now become the preferred way to vape for the majority of vapers for a variety of reasons. They are easy to use and refill, you can simply and easily replace the coil heads and refill the tank in seconds. They are well built and durable, and with a VG heavy e-liquid can produce an astounding amount of vapour! 

Nautilus 3 Tank by Aspire

Aspire Nautilus 3 by Aspire. The Nautilus 3 tank is perfect for anyone looking for upgrade their...


Obelisk Tank by GeekVape

Obelisk Tank by Geekvape. The Obelisk Tank features lift and slide top cap for childproof and com...


Z Max Tank by GeekVape

Z Max Tank by GeekVape. The Z Max inherits the classic top-to-bottom airflow and combines adjusta...


J Well Prince Tank

The Prince Tank by J Well is designed for flavour lovers. It features an airflow adjustable to 5 ...


Aspire 9th RTA Tank by Aspire

The Aspire 9th Tank is designed as a premium sub-ohm tank / RTA, a collaboration between Aspire ...


Freemax M-Pro 2 Tank by Freemax

The M Pro 2 by Freemax is an updated successor of the reputable M Pro tank. It features a slide-...


GeekVape Zeus Nano Tank

The Zeus Nano Tank by Geekvape. The Zeus Nano Tank is a leakproof tank and incorporates a high ...


Aspire Nautilus GT Mini Tank

The Nautilus GT Mini Tank by Aspire is collaboration between Aspire and Taifun. The GT Mini has ...


GeekVape Zeus Tank

The Zeus Tank by GeekVape. The GeekVape Zeus Tank adopts an innovative double chimney design, wi...


Voopoo PnP Pod Tank

PnP Pod Tank by Voopoo. The PnP Pod Tank is a revolutionary new concept allowing you to switch be...


J Well Gecko Max Tank

The Gecko Max Tank by J Well has a 2ml capacity and uses the J Well BTC Coils. Versatile coil opt...


Ehpro Raptor Tank

The Raptor Tank by Ehpro. A revolutionary sub-ohm tank which adopts the First Sea Grass Cotton Me...


UWell Crown 4 Tank

The Crown 4 Tank by UWell. Featuring Stainless Steel construction and self cleaning technology, t...


Aspire Cleito 120 Pro Tank

The Cleito 120 Pro Tank by Aspire has a relatively low-profile design and has 2ml tank capacity....


J Well Arex Tank

The Arex Tank by J Well has a 2ml capacity, it's top filling, has adjustable airflow and is compa...


Aspire Nautilus XS Tank

The Nautilus XS Tank by Aspire is an upgrade from the much loved Nautilus X Tank. It represents t...


Freemax M-Pro Tank

Introducing the FreeMax M-Pro Tank. This FreeMax tank sports a 25mm diameter push-to-open top fi...


Aspire Nautilus GT Tank

The Nautilus GT tank by Aspire and Taifun is collaboration effort which takes the nautilus serie...


J Well Flex GT Tank

The Flex GT Tank by J Well is a 2ml capacity tank and benefits from a simple, clean top-fill syst...


Gemm Disposable Tank x2 by Freemax

The Freemax GEMM Disposable Tank is a light-weight size with top refill system. The tank has an ...


HorizonTech Falcon Tank

The Falcon Tank by HorizonTech is a flavour chasing, cloud tank featuring mesh coils. It feature...


Aspire Cleito Pro Tank

The Cleito Pro Tank by Aspire has a relatively low-profile design and has 2ml tank capacity. Wit...


J Well Atlas V3 Tank

The Atlas V3 Tank is a great all rounder. It holds 2ml of juice, you can fill from the top and ac...


HorizonTech Arco 2 Tank

The Arco 2 Tank by Horizon Tech is an adaptable and versatile tank that is compatible with many m...


HorizonTech Duos Sub Tank

The Duos Sub Tank by Horizon Tech is an adaptable and versatile tank that is compatible with many...


UWell Crown 3 Mini Tank

The Crown 3 Mini features a 2ml capacity, top-filling system, and an innovative plug sub ohm coil...

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J Well Gecko Tank

The Gecko Tank by J Well is a 2ml capacity tank uses leak-free TCS coils and benefits from a simp...


Dot Tank 24mm by Dotmod

DotMod produce sublime, stylish and high performing products and Sub ohm tank is superb. The Dot ...




What is sub-ohm vaping?

Sub-ohm vaping is a popular type of vaping that focuses on generating maximum flavour from your e-liquid and producing massive clouds of vapour. This is usually done by using coils with a resistance of less than one ohm.

What are the benefits of sub-ohm vaping?

The main benefit of sub-ohm vaping is its impressive vapour production, which takes your vaping experience to a whole new level. Because you’re inhaling more vapour, the vapour is intensified, and you can get a stronger nicotine hit from your e-liquid. You’ll also enjoy a naturally warmer vape because your setup’s coils will be heating up more.

How does sub-ohm vaping work?

Sub-ohm vaping depends on coils with low resistance. When you vape, electricity flows through your device from the battery. Your coils’ resistance refers to how much opposition electricity there is to this flow of current. The lower the resistance, the more the electricity can flow through freely. When combined with good airflow, this causes your coils to heat up more, which leads to higher vapour production. Another way to produce large clouds would be to simply increase the power delivered by the battery, but this is less safe, and your coils might overheat. 

Which mods are best for sub-ohm vaping?

Technically, any mod with a resistance of less than one ohm is considered capable of sub-ohm vaping. For more noticeable results, though, you can go for 0.5 ohm or less. At the same time, you should have a high-powered setup that can handle 40 watts or higher. Vapers often turn to sub-ohm tanks, which are the most convenient way to do sub-ohm vaping. But if you prefer a more DIY approach, you can always check out rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) and rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs).

Which e-liquids should I use?

Sub-ohm vaping requires a specific kind of e-liquid—those with a high VG (vegetable glycerin) concentration and a low nicotine strength at 3 mg/mL or less. E-liquids are made with a base of VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). VG is responsible for producing massive clouds, so you’d want to have more of it in your e-liquid. The throat hit is also milder with VG. On the other hand, your e-liquid’s nicotine strength is also very important. You need less nicotine with sub-ohm vaping because you’ll be taking in more vapour. Inhaling too much nicotine has negative effects, including migraines and nausea. 

Which batteries are best for sub-ohm vaping?

Because the battery will be generating a lot of power during sub-ohm vaping, go for high-quality ones from a reputable brand. IMR batteries, usually 18650s, are a common choice because they can tolerate overheating better. Your batteries should also have a high amperage limit, which reflects how much current they can supply. 

What safety measures should people take when sub-ohm vaping?

Although it’s not for vaping newbies, sub-ohm vaping is generally safe as long as you follow basic safety rules. You’d want to be especially careful with the batteries. Don’t get them wet, and make sure not to overload them. Your mod should also have good airflow. Cleaning your mod regularly helps keep it in tip-top shape.