Titanium mods by Comp Lyfe.

Each mod has it's unique, custom anodising and are one off's. 

Each setup comes with a certificate of authenticity and a mod bag.

Comp Lyfe Mod Titanium Features:


CLM1 - Titanium Anodised HK25 classic.
CLM2 - Titanium Anodised HK25 classic.
CLM3 - Titanium Anodised Battlefield.
CLM4 - Titanium Anodised Flamethrower ( unetched )
CLM5 - Titanium Anodised Battlefield.
CLM6 - Titanium Anodised HK25.
CLM7 - Titanium Anodised HK25 knurled.
CLM8 - Titanium Anodised HK25 classic.
CLM9 - Titanium Anodised HK25 classic.
CLM10 - Titanium Anodised Predator.
CLM11 - Titanium Anodised HK25 classic.
CLM12 - Titanium Anodised Closer.
CLM13 - Titanium Anodised HK classic.
CLM14 - Titanium Anodised HK25.
CLM15 - Titanium Anodised HK classic.
CLM16 - Titanium Anodised Doublecross.
CLM17 - Titanium Anodised HK classic.
CLM18 - Titanium Anodised Flamethrower.
CLM19 - Titanium Anodised HK classic.

    Comp Lyfe Mod Titanium Contents:

    • 1 x Full Comp Lyfe setup
    • 1 x Certificate of authenticity
    • 1 x Comp Lyfe mod bag


    Mechanical Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers are for advanced users only. Not for beginner or average vapers with no knowledge of Ohms Law or how to use a multimeter or ohmmeter to check for the resistance or for shorts in their coil builds. These materials cannot be safely used by the inexperienced user or those without basic knowledge of how electronics function. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when using these devices as to not cause damage and/or harm to the battery, mechanical mod, atomizer or yourself and others. SuperiorVapour will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced vaping products and devices. Mechanical Mods and Rebuildable Atomizers are advanced user products. Use at your own risk.



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