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Revenant Vape & Cartel Mods

Revenant 160 by Cartel Mods & Revenant Vape


The Revenant 160 is a collaboration between Cartel Mods and Revenant Vape.
The mod is powered by dual 18650's and is mounting a comprehensive chipset called the the OMNI chipset which provides a whole host of options. The chipset provides a feature called SW ( smart wattage ) which auto detects the coils and puts it on the recommended wattage for you and it also has a wattage curve feature to tailor to your vaping preference.
Plenty of temperature modes come on the chipset along with Temperature Coefficient Resistance -  here is where you can fine tune your temperature control setting for the wire you are using. Last but not least, each Revenant 160 is uniquely different due to it's casting materials, the body is composed on an epoxy resin which is housed in a stainless steel shell.

It's a piece of art, worthy of any collector.

Revenant 160 Features

  • 160 watts
  • OMNI chip
  • Powered by dual 18650 ( not included )
  • Compact and easy to grip
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Full resin body
  • Innovative wave hit function
  • Size is 92.5 x 51.2 x 26.2mm
  • Output of 5-160 watts
  • Resistance range of 0.05Ω to 5Ω
  • Temperature control range of 200-600°F (100-315°C)

Omni chipset specs

  • SW – Smart Wattage: Auto detects coil and sets wattage to recommended vape setting in wattage mode. The user can adjust to there own preference and the setting will be saved until you remove the atomiser
  • Temperature Control: You have the option of using Ni, Ti, and SS for all your temperature control needs.
  • Temperature Coefficient Resistance: Here is where you can fine tune your temperature control setting for the wire you are using. You have 3 memory settings.
  • Customized Curve of Wattage – CCW: This setting is unique and not many devices offer this. What you can do right from the device itself is set your wattage to say 80W then ½ second increments go either up or down in wattage to set your very own personalised vaping experience.
  • Customized Curve of Temperature – CCT: This setting is unique and very much like the CCW in the fact of setting this up. In addition to that the CCT can be used as a preheat for those TC coils.
  • Bypass: In this setting you have just turned your regulated device into a mechanical mod.
  • Firmware Upgrade-able: This is a great feature to have and yes you can update the firmware.
  • USB Charging: You can use the USB charge port as the OMNI board does have balanced charging.


Revenant 160 contents

  • 1 x Revenant 160 mod
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Brand ring
  • 1 x User manual


Disclaimer: Advanced products are for experienced vape enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of how electronic devices work along with access to the appropriate safety tools. Please ensure proper precautions are taken when using these devices as to not cause damage and/or harm to the atomizer, device, or yourself. SuperiorVapour will not be held liable or responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of these advanced vaping products and devices. Use at your own risk.

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