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Vape wick can be made from a wide variety of different materials such as organic cotton, traditional cotton or rayon. Vape cotton of any kind is a great wicking material, providing fast wicking and a good flavour, which is why we stock so many different types of cotton on the site.

Cotton Gods by Gods Of Vapers

The Cotton Gods is from the land of America and is an original, 100% organic cotton that gives yo...


Coil Master 100% Organic Cotton

Coil Master 100% Organic Cotton. Specifically manufactured for vaping. Environmentally friendly,...


Cotn Threads x20

Cotn Threads - Making wicking that little bit easier. Cotn threads are lace styled cotton wicks ...


Royal Wick Cotton by Vapetalo

Royal Wick Cotton by Vapetalo is a 100% Organic Paronin cotton. This blend of cotton produces an...


Texas Tuff Cotton by Texas Tuff

Cotton does not get any tougher than Texas Tuff. Texas Tuff is as close to raw cotton as you can ...