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Vape starter kits are a great choice for anyone trying to make the switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes. All of our starter kits come with everything you need to get vaping straight away. This includes the vaping device, charger and e-liquid.

FREE E-Liquid when you buy any Starter Kit! 

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Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit by Uwell

The AK2 Pod kit by Uwell. Designed to use the top-fill magnetic pod from the A2, the AK2 kit from...


Caliburn A2 Pod Kit by Uwell

The Caliburn A2 Pod Kit by Uwell. The A2 design is very comfortable to use, with a magnetic pod t...


Favostix Pod Kit by Aspire

The Favostix Pod kit by Aspire. A pocketable and easy to use device suitable for new vapers as we...


G18 Starter Kit by GeekVape

The G18 is a stylish compact pen-style vape. the G18 vape pen starter pen kit has a single fire ...


K-Lite Kit by Aspire

K-Lite kit by Aspire. The K-Lite is a compact vape kit made for vapers who prefer MTL (mouth to l...


GeekVape Wenax K1 Pod Kit

Wenax K1 Pod Kit by GeekVape. The Geekvape Wenax K1 Pod Starter Kit has an ergonomic and handy de...


GeekVape Wenax C1 Pod Kit

Wenax C1 Pod Kit by GeekVape. The Geekvape Wenax C1 Pod Starter Kit has an ergonomic and handy de...


Geek Bar Disposable Vape Kit by GeekVape

The Geek Bar Disposable Vape Kit by GeekVape. A pre-filled device with 20mg nicotine salt e-liqui...


Aspire AVP Cube Kit

AVP Cube Pod Kit by Aspire. This is the next generation of AVP design, with an all-new cube shap...


Voopoo Argus 40W Pod Kit

The Argus 40W Pod Kit by Voopoo features the GENE.TT chipset which has various output modes and c...


GeekVape Mero Starter Kit

Mero AIO Starter Kit by GeekVape. The Mero AIO Starter Kit has a stylish and simplistic pen appea...


Caliburn KoKo Pod Kit by Uwell

The Caliburn KoKo Pod Kit by Uwell is the pocket-friendly upgrade of the renowned Caliburn pod ki...


Caliburn G Pod Kit by Uwell

The Caliburn G Pod Kit by Uwell. This Pod system features a 690mAh battery, adjustable airflow sy...


GeekVape Aegis Hero Pod Kit

The Aegis Hero Pod kit by Geekvape. The Aegis Hero Pod Kit can be vaped at  45W output powered by...


V-Suit Pod Kit by Voopoo

The V-Suit Pod Kit by Voopoo is palm sized pod kit with a 1200mAh built-in battery. It integrates...


Aspire Nautilus Prime Pod Kit

Nautilus Prime Kit by Aspire. The Aspire Nautilus Prime pod kit is sleek and versatile, recommend...


Argus Air Pod Kit by Voopoo

Argus Air Pod Kit by Voopoo. The ARGUS Air has a 900mAh built-in battery, 0.54' OLED screen, and ...


GeekVape Wenax Stylus Pod Kit

Wenax Stylus Pod Kit by GeekVape. The Geekvape Wenax Stylus Pod Starter Kit has a sleek look and ...


Aspire Minican Pod Kit

Minican Kit by Aspire. Small yet ultra modern! Delivering great performance for something so stea...


J Well Gecko Max Kit

The Gecko Max Kit by J Well is a clever, small and affordable device perfect for beginners and se...


Vaporesso OSMALL Pod Kit

OSMALL Kit by Vaporesso is a super compact pod starter kit. The Vaporesso OSMALL Kit includes a 2...


Innokin Endura T20S Starter Kit

Endura T20S Kit by Innokin is the perfect starter kit that we can recommend for users of all expe...


J Well Arex Kit

The Arex Kit by J Well  A beautifully simple sub-ohm pen style device. It has an integrated 1500m...


Aspire Rover 2 Kit

The Rover 2 Kit by Aspire is a substantial upgrade from the original Rover Kit. Compact, sleek d...


Aspire PockeX Starter Kit

The Aspire Pockex AIO (all in one) Starter Kit from Aspire is an economic and convenient vaping k...


Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus Starter Kit

The Orca Solo Plus Starter Kit by Vaporesso features 2ml capacity tank with built-in 1200mAh bat...


Aspire K3 Starter Kit

The K3 is a great pen style kit from Aspire. It is aimed at first time vapers and offers a smoot...


J Well Alesia V2 Plus Kit

The Alesia V2 Plus Kit by J Well is the upgrade from the original Alesia kit. It has an integrate...




What is included in a vape starter kit?

A starter kit includes everything you need to make the switch from smoking to vaping. The kits are made up of two key components, the atomiser which has a heating element known as a coil that turns your e-liquid into vapour, and the battery which provides the power for the vapourisation process. In addition and depending on your choice of kit, it will also include a charger, spare atomiser coils and mouthpiece.

Do vape starter kits come with juice?

Most kits don’t come pre-filled with e-juice so you will want to make sure you order your choice of e-liquid when you buy your kit.

Which vaping kit should I choose?

Vaping kits vary according to performance, power, style, size and price. If you are looking for a nice compact little device without the need for lots of vapour then a pen-style vape system is your best bet. If you are looking for something with more power and capacity then a vape box kit is the better option giving you more flavour and bigger vapour clouds.  

What is the best vape kit for beginners?

The key to choosing a beginner vape kit is to make your transition from smoker to vaper as easy as possible. To help, starter vape kits feature all of the essential elements including nicotine delivery, the hand to mouth movement and the need to drag to get the hit on your throat. 

How much does a vape starter kit cost?

A pen-style vape kit from J Well or Aspire will cost between £20-£30 while a more advanced kit such as the Gecko by J Well or Target Mini by Vaporesso are between £40-£50.