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We are proud to offer a wide selection of the best, luxury, high-end and custom vape mods in the world. We are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest mods on the planet and make sure we are always offering our customers the finest selection of high-end mods possible.

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Aegis Mini 2 - M100 Mod by GeekVape

The Aegis Mini 2 - M100 Mod by GeekVape. Despite its small size, the Aegis Mini 2 features an 250...


Slam Piece Slugger Full Setup by Purge Mods

The Slam Piece Slugger Full Set Up by Purge Mods is one heavy hitting mod. Seriously! A palm size...


Zelos 3 Mod By Aspire

Zelos 3 Mod by Aspire. The Zelos 3 mod is powered by 3200mAh built-in battery and fires up to 80...


Obelisk 120 FC Mod by GeekVape

Obelisk 120 FC Mod by GeekVape. A powerful device, powered by a built-in 3700mAh battery and goes...


Minikin Kodama By Asmodus

The Minikin Kodama by Asmodus. This stabilised maple wood edition features a durable and elegant ...

12499 25000

Shintaro Guillotine Mod LE by Purge Mods

The Shintaro Guillotine Mod LE (Limited Edition) by Purge Mods. The Shintaro mod features some e...


Aspire Paradox Mod

Aspire Paradox Mod Created in direct collaboration with Italian engineering house, NoName, who ...

from 4499 6499

Shintaro Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods

The Shintaro Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods. The Shintaro is a limited edition mod featuring some ...


The Reinforcer Mod by Purge Mods

The Reinforcer Mod by Purge Mods. After the success of the Legacy version, the Enforcer has made...

from 24999

The TKO Mod by Purge Mods

The TKO Mod by Purge Mods.  The TKO is a palm sized, side firing mod that is 30mm in diameter. T...


The Ragnar Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods

The Ragnar Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods. The Ragnar is a limited edition mod featuring some exqu...


B2B V5 Mod by Purge Mods

The B2B V5 Mod by Purge Mods is a 21700 side firing mod and features a fire button is made of ul...

from 18499

Aspire Sunbox Mixx Mod

The Aspire Mixx Mod is an outstanding collaboration between Aspire and the Italian engineering s...


The Guillotine V2 Mod with Slam Cap by Purge Mods

The Guillotine V2 Mod by Purge Mods. An engineering masterpiece of simple raw power and beauty, ...


HK Mod Holographic by Comp Lyfe

The HK 24 Classic mod Holographic by Comp Lyfe is a straight forward, extremely well made mech mo...


GeekVape Aegis Max Mod

The Aegis Max Mod by GeekVape is the latest mod from GeekVape. Capable of a 100W max output and i...


Tiki Able Setup by Avid Lyfe

This Limited edition Tiki Able Setup from Avid Lyfe is a mechanical 18650 mod. This stunning mod ...


Hagerbomb Mod by Purge Mods

The Hagerbomb Mod by Purge Mods. A uniquely designed mod which incorporates a constant contact ...


The Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods

The Guillotine Mod by Purge Mods. An engineering masterpiece of simple raw power and beauty, thi...


Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Mod

Centaurus DNA 250C Mod by Lost Vape Featuring the renowned Evolv DNA 250C chipset with pin point...

from 6999 14400

J Well Alesia V2 Mod

The Alesia V2 Mod by J Well gets a new lease of life, more assertive, more sophisticated but ever...


Fatal Mod by QP Designs

The Fatal Mod by QP Designs is stunning little mod, a testament to QP's ongoing pursuit for quali...


OBS Cube FP (Fingerprint) Mod

OBS have created one of the first ever fingerprint devices, the OBS Cube FP Mod.  Fingerprint te...

3499 4999

Aspire Glint Mod

The Aspire Glint Mod is a compact, stylish mod and it's very user friendly. Adjustable wattage f...


OBS Cube Mod

The OBS Cube Mod is an ergonomically designed. Featuring an integrated 3000mAh rechargeable batt...


GeekVape Aegis Solo Mod

The Aegis Solo 100W TC Box Mod by GeekVape is the upgrade to the Aegis Mini by GeekVape. It's pow...


Aspire NX40 Mod

NX40 by Aspire is a compact, stylish mod with a 2200mah battery and boasts 40 watts of power. It...


MTLX 18350 Mod by Purge Mods

The MTLX 18350 by Purge Mods is uniquely designed mod and the first 18350 mod Purge mods have p...




What are vape mods?

Most of the vaping devices on the market are mods. Mods are more advanced than vape pens and cig-a-likes, and they’re equipped with a wide variety of features, such as temperature control and digital displays. Generally, a mod consists of a battery, tank, and atomizer, along with a few replaceable components like coils or drip tips. Tons of new mods are released regularly, so you’ll find them in various shapes and sizes!

For a more in-depth look at vape mods read our guide.

What are the different types of mods?

There are several types of mods available. Regulated or traditional mods are the most common. They have a circuit board controlling the power flow, so they usually come with safety features and even LED screens. Box mods are a more powerful type of regulated mod. Along with a larger battery, they may offer adjustable voltage, wattage, and temperature. On the other hand, mechanical mods are unregulated mods that have no circuitry at all. Because they don’t have safety features, they’re best suited for advanced users who love customising and experimenting with their vaping setup. Another type of mod is the squonk mod, which has a built-in bottle that you can squeeze to feed the e-liquid directly into the coils.

How does variable voltage/wattage work?

You’ll notice that many mods are described as VV and/or VW. VV mods typically have a voltage range of 3.2 to 4.8 V. Higher voltages yield stronger flavour, but the vapour also gets hotter. Many vapers go for the middle of the range, at around 4.2 V. Wattage is the amount of power outputted by your device, and 50-75 W is the common range. However, you can push this higher for sub-ohm vaping and cloud-chasing. For every e-liquid, there’s an ideal voltage and wattage setting that’ll give you the best flavour. 

What about temperature control?

With temperature control, you can set the mod to a fixed temperature. This keeps your vape consistent so you don’t end up with dry hits or overly hot vapour as time passes. While high temperature can bring out the flavour of the e-liquid, it’ll feel unpleasant on your mouth if it’s too hot. Like voltage and wattage, the optimal temperature depends on the vaping setup and the e-liquid you’re using.

What batteries can I use with my vape mod?

Most mods are meant for only one battery size, so for maximum safety, stick with that. Some common batteries for mods are the 18650, 20700, 21700, and 26650. These names are based on the physical size of the battery, with the 18650 being the smallest and the 26650 the largest here. The larger the battery, the more power it can supply to your vaping device, and the longer you can vape with it.

How do I keep my vape mod well-maintained?

To make your mod last longer, you will have to clean it regularly. Wipe it with a towel and rubbing alcohol every week, switching to a Q-tip for parts that are harder to reach. As with e-liquids, mods must also be kept in cool, dry places. Some vapers even wrap their mods in a protective case.