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RDAs and RTAs Explained

Rebuildable atomizers (or RBAs) is a catch all term for any atomizer that contains a deck on which the vaper can mount their own build deck. These atomizers are aimed at vapers who wish to rebuild their wicks or coils on a regular basis in order to ensure their vape is as smooth and consistent as possible. Ideally suited to more dedicated vapers who wish to tweak every aspect of their vaping experience, rebuildable atomizers are aimed largely at the most technically minded.

There are two main types of rebuildable atomizer: rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) in which the e-liquid is stored in a separate tank reservoir and rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) which work by dripping e-liquid directly onto the coil or wick.

RDAs and RTAs each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, which largely come down to the preferences and tastes of the vaper.

Premium Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable atomizer technologies are constantly changing and advancing, which is why we are always adding new stock to the site, ensuring our customers are always offered the latest and greatest selection. Purchasing a rebuildable atomizer is an ideal way for a vaper to take that first step into the world of more advanced vaping.

We are committed to providing all the advice in store you need to take this first step and pride ourselves on our customer service. Whether you are new to rebuildable atomizers or an experienced rebuilder, we love to chat about all things vaping so why not pop in to see us.