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Rebuildable atomizers (or RBAs) is a catch all term for any atomizer that contains a deck on which you can mount his own build deck. These atomizers are aimed at vapers who wish to rebuild their wicks or coils on a regular basis in order to ensure their vape is as smooth and consistent as possible. Ideally suited to more dedicated vapers who wish to tweak every aspect of their vaping experience, rebuildable atomizers are aimed largely at the most technically minded.

There are two main types of rebuildable atomizer: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) which work by dripping e-liquid directly onto the coil or wick and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs) in which the e-liquid is stored in a separate tank reservoir.

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What are Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs)?

Rebuildable Atomizers (RBAs) are DIY-style atomizers where you build the coils and install the wick on your own. Because these require technical knowledge to set up in exchange for a more customisable vaping experience, RBAs are best suited for advanced vapers. 

What are Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs)?

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) are a type of RBA where the vaper has to “drip” e-liquid directly onto the coil. Most atomizers rely on tanks that feed them continuously with e-liquid. But with RDAs, this is done manually by the vaper because there’s no tank. While you’d have to perform dripping every few puffs, the tradeoff is vastly improved flavour and vapour production—among the best that can be achieved with a vaping device.

What are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs)?

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA) are another type of RBA that’s similar to RDAs performance-wise except that they come with a tank. You won’t have to drip because the RTA gets its e-liquid supply from the tank. This is much more convenient than an RDA since you can vape continuously. However, RTAs have more parts, so they’re more difficult to build. You’d also have to finish the e-liquid in the tank before moving on to another flavour. 

What are the benefits of using Rebuildable Atomizers?

Rebuildable Atomizers allow you to have a high level of control over your vaping. Since you’re the one setting up the coils and wick, you can tailor your vape to your preferences. In fact, many purists and people who want to push the limits of vaping go for RBAs, which have been called the peak of vaping experience. For maximum flavour and quality, RDAs are a great choice, and they’re the go-to for cloud chasers. On the other hand, if you don’t want to keep pausing during your vaping to drip e-liquid, then RTAs might be a better fit for you. 

How do I set up my RDA / RTA?

Setting up an RDA / RTA involves building the coils and then adding in wicking. This will involve some research on the best resistance for your setup, which depends on your style of vaping. In general, you can build a coil by wrapping wire five to seven times around a screwdriver. This is then attached to your RDA deck. After testing it, you can move on to inserting the wicking material through the coil. Once this is soaked with e-liquid, cover the entire setup, and you’re ready to vape. 

What should I use for the wire?

When building your coils, Kanthal wire is the most commonly used type of vape wire. Other wire types such as Ni200 (nickel) and Titanium (Ti) are well-suited for temperature-control mods. 

What’s the best material for wicking?

We recommend using cotton for vape wicks. It’s affordable and easy to work with, and it doesn’t affect the flavour of your vape. Japanese cotton is top-notch, but there are also other types like cotton bacon and organic cotton.

How do I clean and maintain my RDA / RTA?

Coils must be replaced regularly to maintain the quality of your vape. This depends on how often you vape, but most vapers replace these every few days to two weeks. Make sure to thoroughly clean your RDA / RTA too every now and then. Simply disassemble the parts, soak these in an alcohol solution or water with soap, and then put them back together after thoroughly wiping it down.