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Rebuildable atomizers (or RBAs) is a catch all term for any atomizer that contains a deck on which you can mount his own build deck. These atomizers are aimed at vapers who wish to rebuild their wicks or coils on a regular basis in order to ensure their vape is as smooth and consistent as possible. Ideally suited to more dedicated vapers who wish to tweak every aspect of their vaping experience, rebuildable atomizers are aimed largely at the most technically minded.

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Temple RDA 25mm 2020 Edition by Vaperz Cloud

The Temple 25mm 2020 RDA by Vaperz Cloud.  A blast from the past with this retake on the original...


Valhalla v2 mini 30mm RDA by Vaperz Cloud

The Valhalla v2 mini by Vaperz Cloud is a smaller version of its predecessor, the 40mm version. T...


Cloud Champ V1 by VPRS

Cloud Champ V1 RDA by VPRS. A 22mm RDA featuring a full stainless steel construction, the Cloud ...

1499 4999

Sherman RDA by Asylum Mods

The Sherman RDA by Asylum Mods. The Sherman RDA by Asylum Mods is a U.K. designed 25mm with a tw...


Vortice RDA by Vapor Shark

The Vortice by VaporShark. A versatile flavour rda featuring a two post design to make it easy fo...

1499 5999

Sanagi RDTA by Tendou Vapour

The Sanagi RDTA by Tendou Vapor.  A well-machined two-post, dual terminal build deck with alongs...

999 3999

Aspire 9th RTA Tank by Aspire

The Aspire 9th Tank is designed as a premium sub-ohm tank / RTA, a collaboration between Aspire ...


Purge X RDA by Purge Mods

The Purge X RDA by Purge Mods, an RDA designed for a variety of coil builds and immense flavour a...

999 2499

Ether RTA X Vaping Bogan by Suicide Mods

The Ether RTA is a collaboration with the Vaping Bogan and Suicide Mods.This RTA is Focused towa...


2 Post Kennedy RDA By Kennedy Vapor

The 2 Post Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Vapor. The biggest change from previous Kennedy models is the 2...


Valhalla v2 40mm RDA by Vaperz Cloud

The Valhalla v2 by Vaperz Cloud is a large, 40mm RDA with a whopping 88 air hole configuration. T...


GeekVape Zeus X RTA 25mm

The Zeus X RTA by GeekVape. The GeekVape Zeus X 25mm RTA adopts an innovative double chimney des...


Nightmare RDA by Suicide Mods

Nightmare RDA by Suicide Mods is a 28mm RDA designed for large coil builds. The deck features a 2...


KREE RTA 22mm by Gas Mods

The Kree RTA by Gas Mods is a 22mm RTA focused on an MTL experience. The Kree is constructed fro...


Glacier V3 RDA by Vaperz Cloud

Glacier V3 by Vaperz Cloud is a 24mm RDA with a slam cap feature which brings a great flavour and...

1999 3499

C2MNT V2 RDA by District F5VE

The C2MNT V2 rda by District F5VE is a stellar rda with some huge improvements from the V1. The V...


Asgard Mini RDA by Vaperz Cloud

Asgard Mini by Vaperz Cloud is a top airflow 25mm RDA with a semi-postless design and 6ml juice w...

from 3500


The TERK V2 by M.TERK is a 24 / 25mm RDA created for coil building enthusiasts featuring a large...


Gata RTA by QP Designs

The Gata RTA by QP Designs is a stunning little RTA which can be used for either MTL or DTL vapin...


DotMTL RTA by Dotmod

DotMTL by Dotmod is a geared towards a single coil configuration and is ideal for nic salt vapin...


Dreadnaught RTA by Vaperz Cloud

The Dreadnaught RTA by Vaperz Cloud, which is named after the Dreadnaught "Sub" marine fleet and...


Krome RDA by Krome•Mod

Krome RDA by Krome•Mod is a single coil RDA which is designed perfectly for squonking, but, can a...


Stealth Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Vapor

The Stealth Kennedy RDA by Kennedy Vapor is still one of most popular RDA's around today. The big...


Money Shot RDA by Purge Mods

The Money Shot RDA by Purge Mods is designed to fit perfectly onto the Purge Mods Slam Piece. Thi...

from 6500

Supra RDA by Advken

The Supra RDA is a 3-piece, 22mm RDA that features a 2-post velocity-style deck that is 7.5ML de...

999 2999

PRG 25 RDA by Purge Mods

The PRG-25 by Purge Mods is not a RDA for the faint of heart. This RDA is 25mm in diamter to marr...


Goon LP RDA by 528 Custom Vapes

The Goon LP is baby brother of the Goon RDA. This low profile version will be a success with all ...

1999 5499

Dotmod Petri V2 RDA by Dotmod

Dotmod's new V2 RDA is real winner. The craftsmanship is pure perfection and it definitely shows ...


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