The Valhalla v2 mini by Vaperz Cloud is a smaller version of its predecessor, the 40mm version. The deck features a top-to-bottom airflow design and has 4 x 3.5mm post holes which can incorporate some mighty large builds. The RDA also has an ultem AFC chamber / chamber reducer so help keep the temp down.

Valhalla V2 Mini Features:

  • Outer Diameter
  • Top-to-Bottom Airflow Design
  • Four 3.5mm x 3.5mm Post Holes
  • Inner ULTEM AFC Chamber
  • ULTEM Chamber Reducer

Valhalla V2 Mini Contents:

  • 1 x 30mm Valhalla V2 Mini RDA
  • 1 x Ultem chamber reducer
  • 1 x Inner Ultem AFC chamber
  • 1 x Spare parts

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