Superior Vapour Franchise

Our philosophy for all our stores is really quite simple: ‘the customer is always right’. Our primary objective is for the customer to be satisfied with the service and products we provide.

Why Choose The Superior Vapour Network

Superior Vapour was founded in 2013; the e-cigarette had by then arrived on the UK market and a growing community of vapers was forming. At that time the few retailers operating within the e-cigarette market had little appeal from a marketing perspective, particularly in their approach to design, shop-fitting, and the supply quality of hardware and e-liquids available for purchasers.

Superior Vapour opened its first store in Bristol, placing strong emphasis on a targeted marketing strategy, products that showcased innovative design, and sophisticated and diverse product ranges; our position as a premium brand in the very vanguard of the e-cigarette market was secured.
Vape Shop Franchise


What's The Size Of The Vaping Market

What drives a smoker to switch to an electronic cigarette?

Health improvement comes in at first place: 51% of vapers use e-cigarettes because they are “less harmful than conventional cigarettes”. 49% of users state that their personal e-cigarette helps them to reduce their consumption of regular cigarettes. Public Health England claim e-cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional tobacco and the Government hopes that England will be smoke-free by 2030.  Price is also a strong motivator.

The global market for vaping devices is expected to grow by 22.7% annually to $22.7 billion in 2024 from $6.7 billion in 2019, Frost & Sullivan says, according to figures in Smoore's prospectus (source: Forbes)

Between 2013 and 2015 the number of vapers rose from 2.8 million to 5.1 million, a growth of 86%. The UK and France are home to the greatest numbers of vapers, representing 4% and 3.5% of the total population respectively.

With this number of users, the personal vaporiser market equates to 20% of that of tobacco in the UK, compared with 12% in France.

In 10 years, market size should have multiplied by 30.

Tobacco sales weakened in 2016 and have continued to do so (source: Le Figaro)

The market for e-cigarettes continues to grow at an incredible rate and is poised to accelerate even further, as more and more traditional cigarette smokers become aware of the benefits of e-cigarettes.
UK vaping stats

The Superior Vapour Partnership

Superior Vapour is the trading/brand name of ‘Superior Vapour Ltd’ 

Being one of Europe’s leading retailers of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids (collectively known as ‘e-cigarettes’) and having developed a highly successful and profitable retail business model, we are now offering exclusive partnerships in the UK and Europe.

Where we differ from others is that we have exclusive partnerships with world-wide distributors that you immediately gain access to. Being part of our network ensures that you purchase at the lowest prices available, have access to all products on the market and most importantly have full access to all of our exclusive brands. Having exclusive products and e-liquids is the fundamental key to our success, not only does it differentiate you from the others, it ensures customer retention and loyalty.

We place at your disposition our market leading brand image, our full product range and our network to ensure your continued development and, most importantly, your success. A structured network within which every member can develop and flourish, profiting from sound guidance and achieving their objectives. 


What the Franchise Provides

Rights Granted

  • Rights to operate the Superior Vapour Franchise for the term of the Franchise Agreement (5 years with the right to renew)
  • Use of Superior Vapour trademarks
  • Exclusive territory defined by postcode

Shop Location

The success of a project depends in no small part on the quality of a commercial location. Ideally, your shop should have a floor space of between 30 and 70 square metres, should be situated in or near a town centre, and should be located in an easily accessed and visible street. We recommend locating your outlet within a prominent building in the low street-numbers, be it in a town centre or in a shopping centre.

Store Layout

As the very core of your remit is sales and advice, we guide you every step of the way, from A to Z, allowing you to become a veritable benchmark within your chosen market. With regard to shop fitting and furnishing, simply send the plans for your store to our shop fitting service and you will receive a furniture plan, 3D photographic renderings and even a video to assist you, all with a view to appointing your space in the most suitable and efficient way. This symbiotic process fosters the creation of carefully thought-out, well-appointed store outlets in keeping with the brand image, taking the hassle out of the process in its entirety. Most importantly, costs are kept eminently reasonable thanks to our dedicated furniture manufacture service: budget estimates should range from between approximately £10000 and £15000.


Franchise Vape Store Layout


Training and Support

Inevitably a great deal of know-how is acquired through the growth of such a vast commercial network, so we offer generalised and specialised training in every field of the vaping market. From simple guidance on our products’ operation, thorough instruction on electronic safety, or even legislation and compliance training, our network franchisees are guided to professional excellence by a dedicated network manager. Training is voluntary, and is offered exclusively to Superior Vapour network members.

Initial training covering all aspects of running a Superior Vapour Electronic Cigarette Franchise, include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of franchisees and the franchisor
  • The electronic cigarette market
  • Product knowledge
  • Being a successful retailer
  • General business management and admin
  • Stock control/cash-handling/banking
  • Serving customers/customer care
  • Financial management
  • Legislation
  • Assistance with business plan/raising finance
  • Business launch
  • Ongoing support
  • On-site post-opening training
  • Regular and ad hoc site visits by dedicated support personnel
  • Regular telephone contact by head office
  • Ongoing product research and development

Vape Products and Equipment

Our products’ are meticulously calculated to correlate with market demand, guaranteeing fair margins so that your business can develop smoothly. 

Initial and ongoing:  

  • E-cigarette hardware and e-liquids
  • Exclusive hardware and e-liquids brands
  • Access to our distribution network 
  • Branded corporate clothing
  • Sales promotional materials
  • EPOS system 
  • Loyalty system



Financial Projections

How much will you make owning a vape shop?

Below is a simple business plan projection to give you an idea of the opportunities available by joining the Superior Vapour Vape Store Network.

Based on the performance of our existing outlets, a well-run business operated by a committed franchisee that follows our tried and tested processes, has the potential to mirror the performance illustrated below:

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Annual Sales £170,000 £212,500 £265,625
Gross Sales £88,400 £110,500 £138,125
Net Margin £48,400 £70,500 £98,125 

The above figures are based on the performance of Superior Vapour Limited’s existing company-owned outlets. They are included here only to illustrate the potential of a Superior Vapour Franchise at the assumed levels of sales and costs shown.

They should not be taken as a guarantee of performance and no such guarantee is offered by Superior Vapour Ltd. We advise anyone considering taking out a Superior Vapour franchise to seek independent financial advice before entering into a franchise agreement.


Join our Vape Store Network

If you would like to explore this exciting opportunity further and join us you can: 

  • Tour our head office facilities.
  • Meet with one of our company directors at a Superior Vapour shop local to you and have all of your questions answered.


Contact us: Phone: 01179 669309 Email: to discuss Superior Vapour franchise opportunities. You’ll be transferred to someone in our franchise department who will be delighted to help you.