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Your vaping experience is our priority, and we go to great lengths to ensure that all our e-liquids are produced by leading manufacturers, with no hidden ingredients or harmful chemicals. Each e-liquid is exclusively selected by our team, so you know each and every e-liquid we stock is of the highest quality.

Fruit by the Dozen E-Liquid 50ml by Distilled

Fruit by the Dozen by Distilled ( Formally known as California Vaping Company ) - A dozen fruits ...


Orangeade POP E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Orangeade POP by POP. Your childhood favourite ice cold can of orange fizz, you know the brand? W...


Lemonade POP E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Lemonade POP by POP. Ice cold lemonade with a powerful citrus kick, a beautifully balanced sweet ...


Cherry Cola E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Cherry Cola by POP. Refreshing cola blended with sweet cherries, let your mind wonder and imagine...


Berry Lemonade E-Liquid 100ml by POP

Berry Lemonade by POP. Refreshing lemonade infused with perfectly ripe mixed summer berries, a tr...


Ice Mango Salt Nic BO Caps by BO Vaping

Ice Mango 20mg Salt Nic by BO Vaping - Refresh yourself! Delicately balanced yet full of fruity i...


Tropical Punch on ICE E-Liquid 100ml by SQZD Fruit Co.

Tropical Punch on ICE by SQZD Fruit Co. Let Tropical Punch on ICE bring the taste of paradise to ...


Tropical Punch E-Liquid 100ml by SQZD Fruit Co.

Tropical Punch by SQZD Fruit Co. Let Tropical Punch bring the taste of paradise to you! A fusion ...


Grape Pineapple on ICE E-Liquid 100ml by SQZD Fruit Co.

Grape Pineapple on ICE by SQZD Fruit Co. Imagine juicy red grapes blended with fresh pineapple on...


Grape Pineapple E-Liquid 100ml by SQZD Fruit Co.

Grape Pineapple by SQZD Fruit Co. Imagine juicy red grapes blended with fresh pineapple! These fr...


Pink Glazed Doughnut E-Liquid 50ml by SV7

Pink Glazed Doughnut by Superior Vapour. A beautiful dough that’s delectably light, fresh fried,...

from 750

Classic 11's Salt Nic BO Caps by BO Vaping

Classic 11's 20mg Salt Nic BO Caps by BO Vaping - Classic 11’s is the perfect balance of tobacco ...


Espresso & Cream E-Liquid 50ml by Moka Pot

Espresso and Cream by Moka Pot. A well rounded, full bodied roast coffee with a luxuriously crea...


Vanilla Latte E-Liquid 50ml by Moka Pot

Vanilla Latte by Moka Pot. Smooth dark coffee infused with madagascan vanilla beans, finished wi...


Hazelnut Latte E-Liquid 50ml by Moka Pot

Hazelnut Latte by Moka Pot. Smooth dark coffee infused with roasted hazelnuts, finished with bit...


Cherry Raspberry Menthol E-Liquid 50ml by SV7

Cherry Raspberry Menthol by Superior Vapour. A delicious blend of ripe cherries with juicy raspb...

from 750

Banoffee Pie E-Liquid 50ml by SV7

Banoffee Pie by Superior Vapour. Smooth and creamy with freshly cut banana, gooey toffee and a c...

from 750

Crushed Candy E-Liquid 10ml by Vampire Vape

Crushed Candy by Vampire Vape is a unique tasting e-liquid, featuring a divine fruity mix that wi...

from 399

Lychee & Citrus Fruit E-Liquid 60ml by Yankee Juice Co.

Lychee & Citrus Fruit E-Liquid 60ml by Yankee Juice Co. 10ml nicotine shot included.  Mix ...


Red Light LX E-Liquid 10ml by J Well

Red Light LX by J Well. Ripe, freshly-picked red berries with a sweet yet subtle aniseed infused ...


Blue Ninja E-Liquid by Ninja Juice - Remix Juice

Blue NinjaA deliciously ripe, juicy Malaysian lychee with a cold twist, this little Ninja packs ...

from 1500

Grape Lemonade E-Liquid by Mr Lemonade - Remix Juice

Grape Lemonade by Mr Lemonade Ice cold lemonade with a burst of juicy grapes. Et voilà! a beauti...

from 1500

Popcorn Caramel E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Popcorn Caramel by NiiU A movie classic. Relax with the deliciousness of freshly warmed popcorn ...


Polar Mint E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Polar Mint (Menthe Polaire) by NiiU An invigorating hit of ice cool mint, uplifting, refreshing ...


Mango Pineapple E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Mango Pineapple (Mangue Ananas) by NiiU A tropical blend of mouthwatering pineapple paired with ...


Red Berries E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Red Berries (Fruits Rouges) by NiiU An intense blend, packed with the entire delicious spectrum ...


Classic Exotic E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Classic Exotic by NiiU A rich and aromatic blend that marries the best tobaccos from around the ...


Classic Blond E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Classic Blond by NiiU A well-loved classic tobacco e-liquid. Subtly sweet, smooth and aromatic t...




What are e-Liquids?

E-Liquids are also called e-juice or vape juice, and they’re simply the liquid that’s turned into vapour by your vaping device. Although there are countless e-Liquids out there, they generally have a base made of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), with nicotine and flavourings added in. E-Liquids come in different flavours, sizes, and nicotine strengths, so it’s always a unique experience! Certain types of vaping, such as sub-ohm vaping, only work with specific e-Liquids. 

What flavours are available?

E-Liquids are available in thousands of flavours—many of which you’ve probably never thought of! Tobacco-flavoured e-Liquids are popular among those who are used to smoking cigarettes, while there are also classic flavours like mint, chocolate, and strawberry. Because E-Liquid flavourings are usually food-grade, you can try out more unique flavours inspired by desserts and drinks, including vanilla ice cream and mocha latte. You’ll only figure out which e-liquid flavour appeals the most to you by trying it. 

How does the PG / VG ratio work?

The PG / VG ratio refers to the balance between propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) in the e-Liquid. This has a huge effect on the e-Liquid because PG and VG have contrasting properties. PG contributes stronger flavour and a more defined throat hit, but it doesn’t produce a lot of vapour. On the other hand, VG can mute the flavour a bit, but it’s great at vapour production. 

E-Liquids run across the whole range of PG / VG ratios, although 100% VG or 100% PG is rare. Common PG / VG ratios are 40:60 and 50:50. Sub-ohm vapers and cloud-chasers go for high-VG e-Liquids, while e-Liquids with high PG emphasise the flavour.

What nicotine strength should I choose?

Each e-Liquid has its own nicotine strength. Some e-Liquids have no nicotine content at all, but on the other extreme, nicotine salts can have as much as 50 mg. It’s important to get the right nicotine strength. Too little and you may not get the nicotine hit you need to ween yourself off tobacco and too much may give you a bit of headache if you vape too much in a single sitting. The more you smoke, the more likely you’ll prefer a higher nicotine strength. If you’re a heavy smoker who consumes more than a pack every day, you can consider 18 mg or above. 9 to 16 mg is usually for moderate smokers, while 3 to 6 mg has only light nicotine and 0 mg gives you only the pure flavour. 

Which e-Liquids should I use for sub-ohm vaping?

For sub-ohm vaping, use high-VG e-Liquids with a sub-ohm device. Because the throat hit is amplified in sub-ohm vaping, make sure your e-Liquid has nicotine levels of 6 mg or less. 

How long do e-Liquids last?

It depends on the e-Liquid. E-Liquids have the expiration date written on the back, so you can check that. In general, though, e-Liquids expire after two years. 

What’s the best way to store e-Liquids?

Keep your e-Liquid somewhere cool and dry, and avoid exposure to light. It’s preferable to store them inside the closet rather than in the fridge, which might weaken the flavour.