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Take advantage of these crazy deals with limited stock left on all the selected Mechanical Mods and box mods.

20700 Stack Tube by Purge Mods

Turn all of your compatible 20700 Purge Mods into a series tube mod with this 20700 extension!  2...

3500 8500

Carnage RDA Slam Caps by Purge Mods

Jazz up your Carnage RDA with these Purge slam caps. Purge have revisited there iconic caps and d...

1000 4500

18650 Stack Tube by Purge Mods

Turn all of your compatible Purge Mods into a series tube mod with these 18650 extensions! Choose...

5000 8500

Rebellion Squonk Mod by Purge Mods

The Rebellion Squonk Mod by Purge mods. So much attention to detail has been crafted into this un...

5000 14500

American Badassery T Shirt by Purge Mods

Make a statement with this Purge American " Badassery " T-Shirt.  Made from 100% cotton with a sc...

500 2000

Tishina Mod by Red Alert Vapors

The Tishina Mod by Red Alert Vapors is an 18650, constant contact mod. This constant contact des...

3500 12499

Constant Contact Button Assembly by Purge Mods

The Constant Contact Button by Purge Mods is the first of it's generation in the Purge mods leg...

1500 5500

Enforcer Slam Cap by Purge Mods

Jazz up your Purge Carnage RDA with these 28mm Enforcer slam caps. These also come with an ULTEM ...

1000 4500

Abyss AIO 60W Kit by Suicide Mods

The Abyss AIO by Suicide Mods and DOVPO is a high end all in one device that aims to redefine the...

5000 8999

VCMurica Mod by Vaperz Cloud

The VCMurica Mod by Vaperz Cloud. A competition winning mod by Vaperz clouds, this 24mm mech are ...

5000 12499

Aspire Paradox Mod

Aspire Paradox Mod Created in direct collaboration with Italian engineering house, NoName, who ...

5000 6499
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