They say that good things come in small packages, and the recent influx of mini box mods are definitely something to celebrate. Compact mini vape mods are one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of vaping right now. Offering users making the switch over from smoking a more accessible gateway into vaping and providing vapers who want to vape a little more stealthily in the streets an equally viable option as their bulkier box mod counterparts.

There’s always a worry that the smaller mods won’t be as powerful as regular box and mechanical vape mods, but with the rapid advances in technology over the past few years, size really isn’t an issue. The following vapes are jam packed with the latest chip and battery technology and user-friendly features, proving it’s really not about the size of your tech, but how you use it.

Our Top 3 Mini Mods

These 3 vape mods are the best on the market right now, in terms of value for money, performance and design.

Target Mini, Vaporesso

Target Mini, Vaporesso

After beating out the competition and making it onto our list of ‘The Best Vapes of 2017’ as the Best Mini Vape, it would be criminal not to include the Target Mini by Vaporesso here too.

A miniature version of one of their most popular mods, the Vaporesso Target mod has all the unique stylish design features of the Target Mini’s big brother. The attention to user compatibility spans from the trigger shaped power button conveniently placed on the front of the mod, a spring loaded 510 connector for a flush fit with your atomizers and a designated button to switch between different modes easily.

Despite its small size, it’s smaller than a credit card, the Target Mini has an impressive 1400 mAh in-built battery, an OLED screen, integrated temperature control support - for Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel wires - and as a custom TCR input.

The coils included provide a great flavour and wick really well, and can cater for both mouth to lung and direct to lung vapers, providing both a loose and tight draw with equally intense flavour.

For the legislative conscious, the Target Mini comes with a TPD compliant childproof locking mechanism.

Mini Volt 40w, Council Of Vapor

Mini Volt 40w, Council Of Vapor

One of the biggest selling mods of 2016, this mini mod is also one of the, if not the, smallest variable wattage vape mod on the market. Despite standing at 56mm tall, 35mm wide and a 22mm depth - smaller than a bottle of 30ml e-liquid - the Mini Volt 40w is not lacking in power, with the ability to live up to its name and deliver up to 40 watts.

With a built in 1300 mAh battery, the manufacturing of this mod strikes the perfect balance between size and power, offering 3 differential output modes; soft, standard and power. The soft offers a slower ramp time, the standard, your traditional power curve and the power, a fast ramp up.

Somehow, Council of Vapor has managed to include an equally mini OLED screen on the top of the device. Outside of being a cute design addition, the screen displays necessary information such as the resistance, the wattage, battery life, and the option of the 3 output modes.

The mini-ness of the vape doesn’t by any means reduce the number of design features you’d usually see on a CoV device. The Mini Volt 40w has an atomizer with anti-spit back protection and a wide bore drip tip, and it is rechargeable via a micro USB port.

Don’t let the size fool you, the Mini Volt 40w is easily one of the most interesting mini vapes out right now, and has the performance necessary to switch over even the most hardened vapers.

SX Mini G Class, YiHi

SX Mini G Class, YiHi

If Apple made mods, this would be the mod they’d make. From the manufacturing to the aesthetic and feel, and, most importantly, the performance, everything about this mod runs like a finely tuned race car. And it’s high quality surpasses even the past SX Mini’s history of high-performance mods.

Before we get to performance, let’s talk about the design. The SX Mini G Class has a 510 connection that's a work of art. Solid, milled from stainless steel, with beautifully smooth threading, the 510 will fit any atomiser flush. Even 30mm atomizers will sit without any overhang.

The G Class is packed full of individual features that make it worth its relatively high price point. The gorgeous TFT coloured display screen that displays your temperature, wattage, volts, resistance, mode, battery life, and presets, also allows you to adjust its brightness and load up a custom wallpaper of your choice. Similarly, the USB port is the new Type C port that accepts a cable on either side, getting rid of the fiddly process of trying to find the right fit. Even the battery door is engineered to make the user’s experience easier, opening with just the slide of a finger.

If it feels like we’re gushing, it’s because we are, and we haven’t even gotten to the performance.

The G Class is the first YiHi mini mod to feature the new SX550J, and the temperature control on this thing is insane. With a maximum wattage output of 200 watts, the G Class can burn down to 0.05 ohms, with a temperature control range of 100 to 300 degrees Celsius. It even includes all of the usual safety features - reverse polarity, output short, low resistance, overcharge, low battery and overheat. As well as working with all your common TC wires, it also has a TCR function for more exotic coils, giving you greater control over your experience than any other vape on this list.

Essentially, this mini vape mod can take whatever you can throw at it, single coils, dual coils, and then some. All the while, vaping beautifully.

If you're new to vaping check out our guide to vape mods and if you're in the market for larger mod read our guide to the best vape mods of 2017.