If you’re in the market for a new mod, you want to be spending your hard earned cash on the best of the best.

As the vaping industry shows no signs of slowing, even when you divide mods into subsets, it can still be a hard to know exactly which mod is the right choice.

Following on from our guide to the best vape mods of 2017, we’ve done our research and rounded up the 3 best mechanical mods of 2017 to make your decision a little easier. These three are the hardest hitters, best lookers and most exciting mods on the market right now. With these repeat offenders often selling out within months, this is no time to sleep on your potential new favourite.

Don’t say we never give you anything.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

Firstly, for the less initiated, let’s go over what you’re going to be looking at for the remainder of this article. A mechanical mod is essentially a stripped down mod, a container with only a battery and a wire. Unlike your X200 or DNA200 box mods, mech mods don’t have OLED displays, additional buttons, settings nor variable wattages or voltages, just fire away and vape.

The choice of vaping purists, instead of circuitry, electronics, soldering and wires, mechanical mods have two screws: one at the top touching the battery atomiser (positive field) and one at the bottom touching the battery ground (negative field) which connect when fired, delivering an unregulated current. This current fires the atomiser, heating up the e-liquid and allowing you to vape without the limits of technological enhancements.

A word to the wise, mechanical mods do require a decent understanding of battery limitations and Ohm’s law. As there is no regulatory resistance through mod enhancements, vapers who use mechanical mods will need to balance the strength of the current the coil they’re using draws, against the CDR of their battery to stay within safe limits.

Due to this, mechanical mods also have the benefits of being rebuilt to suit a specific vapers requirements, making them the best mods on the market for cloud chasers and vapers who want to deepen the flavour of their vapes.

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The 3 Best Mechanical Mods of 2017

Back To Basics V2 Customs

Purge Mods

Back To Basics V2 Customs by Purge Mods

Purge are the current reigning royalty of the mod game right now. Consistently dropping mod after high quality mod onto the market, from the aesthetics to the engineering Purge have the game down to perfection, and the custom re-release of the Back to Basics V2 is no different. 

The original Back to Basics V2 was a powerhouse. With butter smooth threads, an exceptional throw and one hell of a hit, you wouldn’t have been wrong in thinking this competition winning mod needed no improvement.

Upgrading the initial simplicity of the design, the Back to Basics V2 custom is a one off mech mod that have been uniquely corroded, coloured and lacquered for an incredible finish.

Alongside the copper contact pin and great weight in hand, the custom B2B won’t just be impressing you, but anyone who sees it.


  • 26mm body
  • Tapers to 25mm on top
  • 3 strong magnets
  • Fully adjustable button to compensate for battery rattle
  • Deep CNC engravings
  • Hybrid top
  • Locally made in Orlando U.S.A


Buy the Back To Basics V2 Custom here


Able Mod

Avid Lyfe

Able Mod by Avid Lyfe

The Able mod is the mod that set a new standard for the hard hitters on the mech market. This is the mod that all other mods aspire to be, and with not one, but two mods featuring on our Best of 2017 lists, Avid Lyfe are making a name for themselves as a manufacturer that’s consistently knocking it out of the park.

Coming in two options of either copper or brass, with an interchangeable sleeve, the Able mod looks incredible. But it’s not just all beauty and no brains, precision machined using state of the art CNC tech, and engineered with Avid Lyfe’s famed craftsmanship and quality control, the Able delivers a functionality and, above all else, power that all mech mod lovers will gush over.

Everything about this mod is truly superior.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra to get a combination of beauty and power unparalleled by any other mech mod, then the Avid Lyfe is more than worth the money.


  • Competition ready
  • 24mm diameter
  • Hybrid connection
  • Adjustable magnetic stainless steel bottom button
  • Solid copper contact pin
  • Interchangeable sleeves
  • 18650 battery compatible


Buy the Able Mod here


    Rig Pig and Roughneck RDA


    Rig Pig and Roughneck RDA by VAMP

    Although slightly more boxy than the tube mods on this list, the Rig Pig, despite it’s name, is still made out of the same lean craftsmanship and well balanced engineering as the popular VAMP Rig mod. This weighty mod is constructed with a brass body copper contacts and a delrin core, giving it a low voltage drop and a super packed punch. As well as looking damn good.

    Vaping American Made Products made a huge impact when they hit the vape scene hard in 2015, bringing sleek and powerful mods to market since day one, and the Rig Pig is no exception. A no brainer for cloud chasers and tricksters, powered by dual 18650’s, this mod feels comfortable in hand whilst giving a ridiculously hard hit.

    The fire button is copper engraved with a smooth throw.

    Although some class this as a slight drawback, the Rig Pig is made exclusively for the Roughneck V2 RDA. But with this powerful mod, you’re going to need access to a lot of juice, which is exactly what the deep well of this 3 post designed deck provides.


    • Brass body
    • Delrin core
    • Series Box Mod
    • Safety: 0.4 Ohms and above recommended
    • Copper bottom contact
    • Copper engraved button
    • Fueled by 2 18650 Batteries
    • Ergonomic feel
    • Durable


    Buy the Rig Pig and Roughneck RDA here