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Awesome Guide to the Coolest Vape Tricks

To many vaping is an effective means of quitting cigarette smoking, and an enjoyable and safe alternative to burning tobacco products.

But as we’ve discussed on these pages, vaping is a world unto itself, with enthusiasts, hobbyists, as well as vape suppliers and manufacturers all involved in finding new and exciting ways to vape.

Awesome Guide To The Coolest Vape Tricks

One of the interesting areas to come out of the vaping world is the birth of vaping competitions that showcase a series of complex and often mind-bending techniques where blowing clouds of vapour (knowns as cloud chasing) becomes an art form.

Whether you’re a novice or you’re on your way to becoming a vaping wizard, here are a few cool tricks to turn heads and impress your friends.

Beginner Vaping Tricks

2. Waterfall 

Simple yet elegant, the waterfall technique requires you to do some advanced prep.

Fill a bottle of water and freeze it until it’s solid ice. Take a long drag of vapour, then blow it into the bottle. Once the vapour is inside the bottle, pour the water on a flat surface. You should see it flowing like a waterfall in slow motion.

3. Single O’s

The Single O’s resemble smoke rings that some cigarette smokers can do. Although this is a basic trick, it’s the foundation for a lot of the more advanced tricks.

Form your lips into an O-shape. The tighter the O, the smaller the vapour shape. Then, release the vapour. If the vapour bursts as soon as it escapes your mouth, that means you’re using too much force. Try coughing and pushing it out with your tongue at the same time to find the right balance.

4. Tornado

Although it sounds intimidating, novices can actually perform this trick with a little practice.

First, find a flat and smooth table. Exhale slowly on your table, making sure that your face is very close to it. Let the vapour form a pool-like surface on your table. Then, swipe your hand vertically across your table. Turn your hand so that it’s palm side up. Lastly, move your hand up quickly. This hand gesture will then form the tornado. The denser the vapour, the better your tornado will be.

5. The Dragon

The Dragon is fairly simple and straightforward but also has a lot of wow factor. The tricky part is getting used to forming your mouth in a way that it’s closed in the middle while the sides are open. You can start by practicing that in front of a mirror. 

With a long drag of vapour (let it stay in your mouth), blow it simultaneously with your nose and sides of the mouth. This trick works best when using an e-liquid that produces a lot of vapour (ie high Vegetable Glycerin content).

Intermediate Vaping Tricks

1. Bane French Inhale 

For this trick, you’ll recreate Bane’s mask, one of Batman’s many enemies.

Take a long vapour pull. Then, pull your bottom lip back while keeping your teeth closed. You’d want to push the vapour under your teeth, as this will create the strands. Next, let the vapour come out naturally, then pull it up with your nostrils.

You may want to tilt your head up to let the streams of smoke go up, then slowly push your head down so you can inhale it with your nostrils.

2. Bend O’s

With Bend O’s, you’ll start to learn how to manipulate your O rings.

Create milky, thick, and dense single O’s. Next, take your hand and let it gently follow behind your O. Give it a bit of space as the air from your hand will control where the O will go. Don’t push too fast or too slow as you might break the O or lose it.

3. Double and Triple O’s

Double O’s

Triple O’s

Place your finger right in the middle of your lips, so that you’ll have two holes at the sides of your mouth. Make sure your finger is right in the middle, as your O’s will look deformed if your finger isn’t where it should be. Release vapour in short, cough-like bursts.

Triple O’s follow the same steps, except this time, you’ll use two fingers (or a peace sign) over your mouth. This should create three equal openings, allowing you to create three O’s.

4. Helix Tornado 

Similar to the Tornado, the Helix Tornado starts with creating a pool of vapour on a smooth, flat surface.

The difference with the Tornado, however, is the hand gesture. Stiffen your hand and straighten it, but point your fingers slightly downwards. This will create two points of your hand which will then touch the surface. These two points will help create the two helixes.

Slide your hand forward across the vapour pool, then upwards. When done right, it should create a DNA-looking strand or two braided-together Tornadoes.

Advanced Vaping Tricks

1. Jellyfish

Skills needed: Single O’s, Bend O’s

Blow a large single O, and then bend it to let it expand (place your hand behind and push it slightly). Next, take another drag of vape then blow it inside the expanded circle. The trick here is to not blow straight into an unexpanded O as this will break it.

2. Double Jellyfish 

Skills needed: Single O’s, Dragon, Bend O’s, Jellyfish

Blow an O that is thick, dense and milky, as this would let it stand still in the air while you do the next steps. Bend your O to let it expand. Next, blow another thick, dense, and milky O right next to the first one. Expand the next O. 

The last step is to exhale at the sides of your mouth (do a Dragon without blowing through your nostrils), so you’ll be able to send vapour inside your side-by-side O’s—thereby, completing the double jellyfish.

3. Shark Bends 

Skills needed: Single O’s, Bend O’s

Blow a Single O, then push it with your hand. But make sure that the O is not too big, as it won’t bounce as much as you want. 

Next, let your head follow where your single O is. Suck the vapour from your O gently, until you’re halfway in. This will then make your O bounce in the other direction.

4. Bowtie Split 

Skills needed: Single O, Bend O

Create a small to medium-sized O, but guide it with your hands this time (cup your hands on the sides of your mouth).

Bend your O by making a vertical slice at the side of the O. Suck the O once you see it getting closer horizontally, allowing it to split into two smaller O’s.

Update Your Bag Of Tricks

The key with all these tricks is to not inhale down to your lungs. Let the vapour stay inside your mouth, so it will condense and give you denser, thicker clouds. 

If this is your first foray into the vaping world, read our detailed vaping guide here.

For thicker and denser clouds, which will help you perform some of these amazing tips, check out our guide on customizing your device to create thicker clouds.

For more info on the perfect vape setup for smashing some of these awesome tricks, drop us an email on or call us 01179 669309. Better yet, pop in and see us in store.

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