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Troubleshooting Common Vape Problems (And How To Fix Them)

When everything is working as intended, vaping is a relaxing and enjoyable experience like no other. Unfortunately, issues do crop up now and then with e-cigs and e-liquids that can ruin your vaping experience.

To minimise frustrations with your vaping experience, we’ve listed some troubleshooting tips to common vape problems so you can address issues yourself before replacing your kit or taking it into a vape shop.


Vape Device Issues


1. My battery can’t hold a charge

With all the gadgets we use in our everyday lives, it’s easy to use the wrong charger for your vape. Double check to see if it’s the correct one for your device.

The battery terminal might be dirty with dust and e-liquid gunk, causing connection problems. Clean it with a cotton bud.

Practice better battery usage: Don’t leave batteries charging overnight, don’t fully drain them, and don’t charge and use your vape simultaneously.


2. My atomiser isn’t being detected

Inspect your coil to see if it’s loose or dirty. The terminal could also be gunked up and need cleaning. The tank itself might be too tight on the mod, so loosen it up.

If you’re using an adjustable 510 pin, adjust it to match your mod.

Also, your vape tank might not be properly aligned with the rest of your device. The crookedness could’ve been caused by dropping or knocking your vape around. You will have to get it repaired or replaced.


3. My vape device is leaking

The simplest explanations could be that you filled it over capacity or just didn’t assemble each part properly, either by screwing them on too tight or not tight enough. Leave some allowance for air in the tank. Take your device apart and put it back together more carefully.

The o-rings and seals might need cleaning or replacing. The tank itself could have a hairline fracture at the end caps.

If the leakage is with the airflow, the e-liquid might have thinned through overheating. Don’t leave your device exposed to direct heat for long.

Try increasing your device’s power so your coil doesn’t flood. If the coil is low resistance, stick to VG liquids and avoid using PG vape juice.


4. My vape device is making gurgling/spitting sounds

Your e-cig should not be making any sort of sound when you’re using it. A gurgling or spitting sound is a sign that there is too much vape juice in your device.

Check your tank to make sure it’s not filled to the brim. It might also be overly tightened to the battery, so loosen it up.

If your device has a removable mouthpiece, take it off then flick the vape. This should remove excess e-liquid from the coil.

Soaking the disassembled parts of your tank in warm water can clear out any remaining liquid. Dry everything thoroughly afterwards before reassembling the tank.


5. My vape device’s digital screen is blank

You might have just put your device into stealth mode. Press the fire button three times to turn off stealth mode and get the screen back up.

The firmware could also be outdated. Download the latest firmware and install it on your device via your computer.

If neither method works, have the mod repaired or replaced.


Vape Consumption Issues


1. My vape device isn’t producing enough vapour

When the clouds you are producing aren’t big enough for your liking, you are likely using an e-liquid that doesn’t have enough vegetable glycerin (VG). Choose a product that is more VG concentrated.

Your battery might also just need recharging. Other probable hardware causes are a dry coil, a flooded atomiser, or a dirt connection terminal.

If trying all these methods still doesn’t lead to satisfying vapour production, you should look into purchasing a more powerful device.


2. I’m getting a burnt taste when vaping

If you have been using the same coils heavily for over two weeks, you might need to change them out for new ones. Check the wicks if they’ve already blackened out to know when replacements are required.

Chain vaping contributes to burning out the wicks faster than they should. Take 30 seconds between puffs to avoid this problem.

Prime your coils before vaping, especially when they’re new. Soak the wicks with e-juice and let them sit for a while.

This problem could also be simply caused by vaping immediately after refilling. Give it some time before taking your first puff.


3. I’m barely tasting my e-liquid’s flavour

When you’re not getting enough of the flavour from your e-liquid, try gently blowing through your device. This will get the juice flowing.

It might also be that you’ve kept that particular e-liquid for too long and the taste has degraded.

Cleaning the tank and connections is always a good idea and could solve this problem.

If you’ve been vaping just one flavour for a long time, you might have a bad case of “vape tongue”. This means your taste buds have grown too accustomed to the flavour that it doesn’t register any more. Use this an opportunity to branch out to other flavours. Come back later to your favourite one and it should taste as good as it did before your tongue got used to it.


4. I’m not getting a throat hit

What gives vapers that distinct throat hit is the propylene glycol (PG) content in the e-liquid. The vape juice you’re using might have a low PG to VG ratio. Another ingredient that contributes to a throat hit is nicotine. The stronger the nicotine content, the more impactful the throat hit. You can also try flavours with citrus or menthol notes.


5. The throat hit I’m getting is too strong

When your problem is actually feeling the throat hit too much, look for an e-liquid that has a high VG to PG ratio instead. VG is what makes the vapour go down smooth.

The reverse is also true for nicotine strength in a vape juice. The less nicotine, the weaker the throat hit. If you don’t want to sacrifice the amount of nicotine you’re vaping, consider nicotine salts. They provide a good dose of nicotine without much of a throat hit.

Sweet flavours make for a smoother vaping experience as well.


6. I’m not getting my nicotine hit

This is generally a problem for ex-smokers who are used to the strong nicotine hit cigarettes give. Since most e-liquids have slow-acting freebase nicotine, vaping might not be as satisfying for ex-smokers. Thankfully, there are vape juices that have stronger nicotine content for power users. Nicotine salts are also a great alternative.

A lacklustre nicotine hit can also be solved by simply increasing the power setting of your vape and pulling gentler and for longer.


7. My e-liquid is dark

While all e-liquids eventually turn dark and expire if not used, you can keep your vape juices for longer without going bad. Store them in a cool, dry place and away from light sources.

Avoid keeping e-liquids in your vape device’s tank where they’re more prone to heat, ultraviolet light, and oxygen exposure. They can also gunk up the tank and adversely affect new liquids.

Vape juices with stronger nicotine content should be consumed quicker than e-liquids with standard nicotine strengths. Oxidation occurs faster for e-liquids that contain a lot of nicotine, which speeds up the expiration.


8. My e-liquid is getting in my mouth

If you are sucking in the actual juice before it’s vaporised, you might be taking too strong of a drag. As relaxing as it might sound, don’t vape lying down, or in any position where your head is tilted up and your device is tilted down. These positions will definitely end up in liquid dripping down your mouth.


9. I’m getting dehydrated/feeling light-headed

Much like so many enjoyable activities, vaping is best when done in moderation. Don’t overdo it with hours-long vaping sessions when your throat is getting dry and you’re starting to feel light-headed. Take breaks and drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Adjust your vaping technique. Instead of consecutive long, hard drags, keep your puffs shorter and gentler with more time in between.

Don’t vape on a low tank. Doing so increases the chances of getting an unpleasant dry hit. Lastly, stick with e-liquids that have a higher VG to PG ratio for smoother pulls.


Are you still experiencing issues with your device? Contact us today via our email or call us at 01179 669309, and we’d be happy to help you out!

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