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Superior Quality Vape Clearomizers

Vape clearomizers (often shortened to clearos) consist of a clear plastic or glass vape tank with a wick that draws the liquid to the heating element. This is then added to a compatible battery to complete the setup.

Because vape clearomizers are clear tanks, you will have the convenience of seeing exactly how much juice you have left at any given time. Their large tanks mean clearomizers are ideal for active vapers that like to vape regularly throughout the day without constantly needing to add more juice. That being said they are also easy to empty and refill, meaning you can switch flavours with ease.

Vape clearomizers are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes, allowing you to modify your vape to create your specific needs and enjoy a unique vaping experience.

A Vaping Experience as Unique as you are

At Superior Vapour, we are passionate about vaping and are delighted to be part of the world’s active vaping community. It’s why we pride ourselves on only stocking the best quality clearomizers on the market, ensuring that all of our customers are able to enjoy a superior vaping experience.

We source our vape clearomizers from the world’s most reputable manufacturers and bring them to you, our wonderful customers, at affordable prices.

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