Dr Freez

Dr Freez is a super fruity collection with a cool ice undertone.

Berry Bubble Gum 50ml by Dr Freez

Berry Bubble Gum by Dr Freez.   The juicy flavour combination of mixed berries with a bubble gum...


Dragon Fruit Candy 50ml by Dr Freez

Dragon Fruit Candy by Dr Freez.   Dragon Fruit Candy is a sweet taste and a creamy vape sensatio...


Pineapple & Dragon Fruit 50ml by Dr Freez

Pineapple & Dragon Fruit by Dr Freez.   Enjoy the most refreshing fruity blend. Pineapple mi...


Pomegranate & Blueberry 50ml by Dr Freez

Pomegranate & Blueberry by Dr Freez.   The pomegranate mixes subtly with the blueberry to cr...


Strawberry & Blueberry 50ml by Dr Freez

Strawberry & Blueberry by Dr Freez.   Strawberry blends harmoniously with blueberry, an orig...