Classic Blond E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Classic Blond by NiiU A well-loved classic tobacco e-liquid. Subtly sweet, smooth and aromatic t...


Classic Exotic E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Classic Exotic by NiiU A rich and aromatic blend that marries the best tobaccos from around the ...


Mango Pineapple E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Mango Pineapple (Mangue Ananas) by NiiU A tropical blend of mouthwatering pineapple paired with ...


Polar Mint E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Polar Mint (Menthe Polaire) by NiiU An invigorating hit of ice cool mint, uplifting, refreshing ...


Popcorn Caramel E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Popcorn Caramel by NiiU A movie classic. Relax with the deliciousness of freshly warmed popcorn ...


Red Berries E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Red Berries (Fruits Rouges) by NiiU An intense blend, packed with the entire delicious spectrum ...


Watermelon Strawberry E-Liquid 10ml by NiiU

Watermelon Strawberry (Pasteque Fraise) by NiiU A summer blend made in heaven. Refresh yourself ...

Adam Breeze, Vape specialist

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Adam Breeze | Vape Guru

As Vape Product Manager for the past 10 years, Adam has built up an reputation as one of Superior Vapours’ most trusted authorities on vape devices and e-liquids. As well as supplier relations, product sourcing and pricing, Adam is also responsible for ensuring our vape products are presented on the website in the most effective manner. His expertise makes him the go-to person in the company for spotting vaping trends and finding the best branded products to meet customers' needs. When not at work, Adam enjoys climbing, electronic music, cinema and of course… vaping.

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