The Chocolate & Coconut E-Liquid by Remix Jet is an indulgent treat for the tastebuds, overflowing with luxurious, silky tastes of coconut and deep, rich chocolate for the perfect combination that will keep you satisfied all day long.

A 50/50 shortfill e-liquid, each draw of the Remix Jet vape juice starts off with an intense hit of chocolate, followed by a smooth coconut undertone for a taste sensation with subtle hints of tropical flavours. Rich and velvety, this juice also has notes of vanilla bean and dairy milk for a smooth, creamy finish that is seriously sumptuous and perfectly balanced.

This chocolate coconut e-liquid is a 50/50 vape juice, meaning it comes pre-mixed at the perfect ratio of 50% propylene glycol to 50% vegetable glycerin.

It also contains 0mg of nicotine, so you can either add it straight to your vape for a nicotine-free vaping experience or use it to create your own ideal nicotine strength.

Each purchase of Remix Jet e-liquid includes a 10ml nicotine shot and an empty 100ml remix bottle. Simply mix up your solution, and you’re good to load up into your favourite vape.

This chocolate coconut vape juice bottle’s child-proof cap also means you won’t have to stress about keeping your juice safely out of reach at all times.

  • PG 50 / VG 50
  • 1 x 10ml nicotine shot
  • 1 x 100ml empty Remix bottle

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