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The simplicity of the box mod makes it both visually appealing, simple to maintain and easy to use. If you decide to use a vape box mod you'll get a much more intense flavour, as well as an increase in vapour production. The ability to choose your own box mod vape also enables you to fully customise your vaping experience, making it unique to you.

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Aegis Mini 2 - M100 Mod by GeekVape

The Aegis Mini 2 - M100 Mod by GeekVape. Despite its small size, the Aegis Mini 2 features an 250...


Zelos 3 Mod By Aspire

Zelos 3 Mod by Aspire. The Zelos 3 mod is powered by 3200mAh built-in battery and fires up to 80...


Obelisk 120 FC Mod by GeekVape

Obelisk 120 FC Mod by GeekVape. A powerful device, powered by a built-in 3700mAh battery and goes...


Minikin Kodama By Asmodus

The Minikin Kodama by Asmodus. This stabilised maple wood edition features a durable and elegant ...

12499 25000

Aspire Paradox Mod

Aspire Paradox Mod Created in direct collaboration with Italian engineering house, NoName, who ...

from 4499 6499

Aspire Sunbox Mixx Mod

The Aspire Mixx Mod is an outstanding collaboration between Aspire and the Italian engineering s...


GeekVape Aegis Max Mod

The Aegis Max Mod by GeekVape is the latest mod from GeekVape. Capable of a 100W max output and i...


Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Mod

Centaurus DNA 250C Mod by Lost Vape Featuring the renowned Evolv DNA 250C chipset with pin point...

from 14400

J Well Alesia V2 Mod

The Alesia V2 Mod by J Well gets a new lease of life, more assertive, more sophisticated but ever...


Fatal Mod by QP Designs

The Fatal Mod by QP Designs is stunning little mod, a testament to QP's ongoing pursuit for quali...


OBS Cube FP (Fingerprint) Mod

OBS have created one of the first ever fingerprint devices, the OBS Cube FP Mod.  Fingerprint te...

3499 4999

Aspire Glint Mod

The Aspire Glint Mod is a compact, stylish mod and it's very user friendly. Adjustable wattage f...


OBS Cube Mod

The OBS Cube Mod is an ergonomically designed. Featuring an integrated 3000mAh rechargeable batt...


GeekVape Aegis Solo Mod

The Aegis Solo 100W TC Box Mod by GeekVape is the upgrade to the Aegis Mini by GeekVape. It's pow...


Aspire NX40 Mod

NX40 by Aspire is a compact, stylish mod with a 2200mah battery and boasts 40 watts of power. It...


Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Mod

Double Barrel V3 by Squid industries is CNC edition, 150 watt dual cell mod. The V3 LE comes in 3...

from 19500

Signature Tips Dovpo Mono SQ Mod

The Dovpo Mono SQ DNA75c mod is a collaboration effort between Dovpo and Signature Tips, The Mo...


Dovpo Clutch Mod by Signature Tips

The Dovpo Clutch 21700 mechanical mod is a collaboration effort between Dovpo, Signature Tips, a...


J Well Flex 75W Mod

The Flex 75w Mod from J Well is a palm sized mod designed for more power and battery life and wei...


J Well Flex 40W Mod

The Flex 40w Mod from J Well is a great little devicce for beginners and seasoned vapers. The mod...


Aspire NX30 Mod

NX30 by Aspire is a compact mod with a 2000mAh battery and 30 watts of output power. It's very d...


YiHi SX Mini SL Class Mod

The XS Mini SL Class by Yihi is a luxurious device from there fantastic range, utilizing a singl...

10999 15999

Arctic Dolphin Adonis Stabilized Wood Mod

Arctic Dolphin have produced a lovely little number here with the Adonis 80w Stabilised Wood Mod....

13999 18999

Vicious Ant "The Duke Stabilized Wood" Duke SX

The Duke Stabilized Wood is the hybrid stab wood version of The Duke SX, and is the first stabili...

55000 79999



What are box mods?

Box mods are a powerful type of mod that offers a greater deal of customisation. They usually have advanced features such as a screen for viewing settings, temperature control, variable voltage or wattage, power curves, or even voice-command recognition. From its name, a box mod typically has a rectangular shape, and it’s slightly bigger than other mods because of its increased capabilities and longer battery life.

How are regulated mods different from unregulated?

Box mods are typically assumed to be regulated mods, which are equipped with a circuit and chipset. These allow users to control the mod settings and, more importantly, provide safety mechanisms that’ll simply shut the mod down if a malfunction happens. On the other hand, unregulated mods don’t have a circuit board. They simply deliver raw power to the coils. While this opens the way for more extreme vaping experiences, it’s also much more dangerous because the setup can explode or burn up in the absence of safety mechanisms.

What are the benefits of regulated mods?

The main benefit of box or regulated mods is that you can easily fine-tune the settings. Just by looking at the screen, you know exactly what the values are. They’re also safe to use, and you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring your mod. Compared to simpler devices, box mods also have a larger battery, which means they can keep your vape going longer and can generate more power. Ultimately, box mods provide a convenient way to tweak your vaping experience so there’s no need to peek under the hood.

How do I perform sub-ohm vaping with box mods?

Sub-ohm vaping is a style of vaping that produces large amounts of vapour. This requires a vaping setup that can deliver greater power while having a resistance of less than one ohm. Box mods are common devices for sub-ohm vapers. In fact, most of the popular vaping companies have box mods specifically meant for sub-ohm vaping. Remember to check the resistance and wattage capabilities of a box mod before purchasing, and do direct-to-lung hits when sub-ohm vaping.

What’s the right wattage to use?

While box mods can have different features, you’ll find that most of them have variable or adjustable wattage. Wattage refers to how much power your battery is sending to your atomizer. The higher your wattage, the more intense your vape will be, resulting in high cloud production and a strong throat hit. However, you don’t want to overdo the wattage because this can overheat your coils. Your ideal wattage depends on your personal preferences, the device you’re using, and your e-liquid. To gauge it, start from the lowest wattage and slowly turn it up, constantly checking how your e-liquid tastes.

How do I get the most out of temperature control?

Temperature control is another useful feature of box mods. This prevents your vape from going beyond a certain temperature, which prevents the unpleasant experience of dry hits. As with wattage, your e-liquid will taste different based on the temperature, so test each temperature slowly from low to high. Vaping temperatures usually range from 200 to 250 C (or 395 to 480 F).